Salon & Spa On Hold Messaging Will Help Increase Profits

Salon & Spa On Hold Messaging Will Help Increase Profits

How Salon & Spa On Hold Messaging Can Increase Profits


If you have a busy salon or spa, then this is a very common scenario. Both lines are ringing and a client is waiting at the reception desk. What do you do? Well, if your answer is anything other than putting them on hold, and having them listen to custom on hold messaging –  then you’re likely losing potential clients and wasting marketing spend!



Why your salon or spa must have on hold messaging.

A ringing cash register starts with a ringing phone — how a client is treated on the phone often determines whether they’ll make their appointment and become a steady client. If you think the caller experience and effectively managing hold-time isn’t an important part of your business, then you should know that:
  • AT&T reports that 7 out of every 10 callers are placed on hold.
  • when callers are forced to wait in dead-silence or canned music they will hang-up in less than 42 seconds, of which nearly 40% won’t call back!

For these reasons (plus many others), you need to ensure the telephone customer experience is as  good as it can possibly be. Implementing a telephone on hold message marketing system gives your business the edge it needs to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace — here’s why:

  • A Maxi-Marketing survey showed that 88% of callers prefer on hold messages vs silence, radio or music.
  • 25% of callers responded to an offering they heard in the on hold advertisement.
  • Callers will wait up to three minutes when hearing on hold messages.


How on hold messages can increase sales.

Growing your business means at some point, you need to do some selling. But in today’s information economy, customers would rather be “informed” than “sold” – so let’s talk about how on hold messaging can increase sales at your salon or spa.In addition to reducing caller abandonment (hang-ups), many people may be unaware of your full suite of services and products.Sure everyone know that they can get their hair cut or colored, but do they know that you also do bridal parties? What about gift certificates? Often times clients may also be unaware of any rewards of referral programs you offer.  These are all added profit centers which add up to increased sales and bottom line!In addition, your on hold message is a great way to remind callers about your hours, or the availability to book appointments on line, thus reducing hold times in the first place, allowing staff to work more efficiently.


What topics should I include in my on hold marketing messages?

No matter what stage you may be in at your business whether you’re a start up or established salon & spa, marketing plays a very important role in growing it and taking it the next level.  Below is a small list of suggested ideas and topics you can include in your on hold recordings.
  • products and services
  • add-on services for cross-selling (ie hair, skin, nails, etc)
  • special promotional offers or product bundles
  • gift cards
  • referral/loyalty programs
  • website/online booking
  • special events
  • social media channels
  • encourage online reviews
Remember, callers on hold are a captive audience. Keep them engaged with relevant information about your salon. The telephone can become one of your most powerful marketing tools when used to its maximum potential.


Final Thoughts…

Growing a beauty salon and spa business takes a lot of effort, but we’ve shown you how important implementing an  on hold message marketing system is to help you increase profits and remain a “cut above” the competition.

Not sure where to begin when it comes to custom on hold marketing for your salon or spa? Contact us today, or hear what your brand can sound like with our custom on hold demo trial offer. We think you’ll find the results to be hair raising!

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