Revolutionizing The Message and Music On Hold Industry With Custom Streaming Message On hold Solutions

Revolutionizing The Message and Music On Hold Industry With Custom Streaming Message On hold Solutions

Everyone loves technology, well until there’s a problem that is. Over the last several years, more and more businesses have been moving to VOIP technology for their communications needs. It’s feature rich, provides cost-savings, and has greater flexibility than traditional phone systems, not to mention mobile integration and convenience of controlling it all from your browser.

In most cases, you can easily add phones, auto attendants, conference suites, call groups, and more in seconds, with an easy-to-use admin portal. SMB’s usually opt for Hosted VOIP providers, so there’s no equipment to run, and the only thing they need to keep in-house is phone sets. While larger enterprises prefer to purchase the equipment and manage their VOIP systems in-house, so they can be completely in control of their telecommunication network.

Now this all sounds really great, until you discover a major pitfall — the music on hold portion of the system can only start the audio file from the very beginning, each time you place a caller on hold–even within the same phone call. Can you say – ANNOYING! This lack of architecture has created a real challenge, and stirred quite an up-roar with IT and Marketing personnel for many companies whose brand demands a far better on hold experience for callers. Making matters even worse is — someone has to also load and manage those on hold audio files, which means having to dedicate time and manpower and that costs money!

However, that was then, and this is now! The Original On Hold has developed streaming message on hold compatibilities, for hosted and non-hosted VOIP systems as well as traditional PBX and Analog telephones. Our fast, reliable content delivery network means that now your custom branded music on hold streams in real-time, just like Pandora, GrooveShark, Netlfix and Spotify.

VOIP technology is advancing, and in some cases has opened up a brand new opportunity for businesses to bypass that always start at the beginning uploaded audio file. Asterisk for example can provide the ability to use an http stream (streaming url) for your music on hold. The Original On Hold can create and produce your very own custom music on hold and message stream for your brand.

Seeking a better solution for delivering your custom branded message on hold and music programming? Call The Original On Hold and talking with an audio branding consultant about custom streaming music on hold and messages.

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