Reinvigorate Your On Hold Message Script For the New Year

Reinvigorate Your On Hold Message Script For the New Year

Reinvigorate Your On Hold Message Script for The New Year


It’s nearly 2017! Yes that means a new year, and that also means new marketing opportunities for your business. But, have you been letting callers listen to that same old message month after month, or perhaps for even years?  If so, you’re committing the ultimate “marketing sin” of letting content become stagnant, outdated and out-of-touch.

Instead of taking that same old lack luster approach by playing that tired old content  — it’s time for change! Even if you think not much has changed with your products or service, presenting them differently can improve results dramatically. Maybe you’ve gone green? Maybe you have newer technology that can help customers reduce time? The simple fact is, it’s time to get back to basics and think about what makes you different from competitors and the advantages you offer customers and prospects. This can help create copy that will transform your message into something that sounds wonderful and new.

If you’re up for the challenge of refreshing your marketing message for the new year, then we’ve included some tips below that our copywriters use to refresh, and reinvigorate tired old scripts.


Does your tone sound tired?

Adjusting tone is one of the simplest ways to reinvigorate your production and keep your core ideas intact. Think about how you want your clients to perceive your business and what mood you want to inspire when your clients listen to your message.

Take this message, for example;

[Company name] has fast become one of the most reputable commercial companies in the construction industry, and we work with some of the area’s largest builders, developers and architects.  

Look at the mood this message inspires. It’s blasé, casual and sort of dry – and simply stating facts. We can safely say this message doesn’t do a lot to arouse callers’ emotions or motivate them in any way. Below is an example of the same message, rewritten with a more emotive tone.

Some buildings are destined to be landmarks and some are talked about even before their doors open to the public – [Company name] sets these standards, so let us make your vision a reality.  Inquire about project development today.

This shift in tone alters how it’s perceived by the audience and impresses upon the client the true level of the business’ expertise.


Think about your angle?

Another way to reinvigorate your message on hold production is to change the way you frame information in messages. To do this, stop telling your clients why you’re so good or why you’re the experts – and instead, start demonstrating it by giving callers specific examples. Take a moment to look at your current messages and think about what it is you’re promoting, at its basic level. Is it speed, price or availability and convenience? Once you’ve determined this, offer your clients an example of how you do this.

For example:

We’re currently involved in some huge projects that draw on our decades of industry experience and ability to provide customized solutions for our clients.  The best part is you can view our work for yourself today: we’ve just completed our work on [a], [b], [c] and [d].  Find out more in a moment.

The lengthy list of examples dilutes the whole impression! Rather than having one message with four points, and replace it with four messages with one powerful example each.

For example:

…first complex of its kind, boasting cutting-edge innovation and eco-friendly design right in the heart of downtown.  [Company name] is proud to have played a significant part in this monumental development, providing the design and build for over 60 retail outlets. This project allowed us to showcase the true scope of our design-build capabilities, as we produced over 20 varying retail layouts…


Is your message being social?

While many businesses may have thought social media was just going to be a fad, the truth is, it now plays a major role in the way you engage, share content (especially video) and influence customers and prospects. This is especially true of your customer base includes Millennials. Recently, social media marketing has been predicted to grow by over 30% in just the next year alone, so it’s no fad and it’s not going away any time soon. In the modern era of marketing, you can help reinvigorate your old message to include the promotion of your social platforms including: facebook, instagram, twitter, snapchat, linkedin and pintrest.


So there you have it. These are just a few simple tips you can apply to crafting a new on hold production.

If you feel compelled to update your message on hold, but don’t have the time, or are starved for some inspirational, dazzling new script ideas. The good news is we can help! Give us a call, and let one of our creative coordinators help get the creative juices flowing!

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