Questions About On Hold Messages? We’ve Got Answers!

Questions About On Hold Messages? We’ve Got Answers!


On Hold time is an opportunity to speak directly to callers and communicate information about the business.  It’s also a marketing opportunity to inform them and to present a professional image while providing valuable service. When writing an On Hold message script, who better to provide the ideas and resources than the clients themselves.

As pioneers in the business, we believe in the involvement of clients to complete the creative process. They can get involved in the writing process as much or as little as they want. However, we see to it that each client who comes on board gets a call from the real, actual person who will be writing their script. Our experienced staff of writers will compose a script designed specifically for the business according to their discussion.

Below are the common questions that new clients typically ask us:

What happens after client – copywriter talk?                   

Speaking to the copywriter is not the end of client’s involvement in the development process. After the phone meeting, our copywriters will draft the first On Hold Script. Once it is done, they’ll get the chance to review it (online!) to ensure the accuracy and that they are happy with it.  The client then auditions voice talents and background music options for their custom recording.

How long will it take?

Our team is committed to providing quality output without wasting time and money. That is why we ensure that we are able to turn production around in less time. Our exclusive on-line Message Xpress System allows you to approve and submit a script, as well as audition and select voice and background music anytime, from anywhere –  24/7! Client approved scripts are recorded and mixed, and posted to your account  for uploading to the message on hold equipment.

What message to put on hold?

On Hold Messaging can disseminate important information to callers. With only a few minutes to get the point across, we recommend it be utilized to help prospective customers make a purchase decision. Clients can enhance their company’s image and ultimately increase sales by educating callers about how they are different, more innovative, and better than any of the competitors. Although these few precious moments can be used to build rapport, it is better done in a website or a newsletter.

It’s inevitable that some calls will be placed on hold. That is why it is imperative to consider how it would come across to waiting callers. With a well-produced on hold message, you’ll get your point across, which could translate into increased business and sales. A periodic review and update of message content provides for maximum effectiveness. Just let your production manager know anytime you would need our assistance and he or she will arrange a time for us to speak.

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