Professional On Hold Message Scripts Help Improve the Caller On Hold Experience

Professional On Hold Message Scripts Help Improve the Caller On Hold Experience

In a marketing world mesmerized by the latest and greatest gadgets and tactics, marketers often forget to tidy up the little things that are staring them smack-dab in the face … critical areas of marketing like improving the caller’s experience.

What on hold messages do is help customers to fully understand your company by providing them vital information about your brand, and letting them know how you can better help with the issues they’re dealing compared to competitors.

While we encourage our clients to use, and rely on the skills of our professional copywriters, there’s some clients who prefer to write their own on hold message scripts. However, you can’t just write about anything that pops in your head that you think will arouse interest to your callers because there are still factors that you need to consider before you start crafting your script.

So here are our Top 3 Facts to keep in mind when crafting your script:

Factor #1: Keep your audiences in mind while working on your on hold messages.

While working on your on hold script, think about your callers; Empathy is the right approach in this type of scriptwriting. Ask yourself, “what would the callers want to hear?,” “What are their needs?,” “What do they want?”

While trying to answer these questions, bear in mind that there are two types of callers, the loyal customers and the prospects, who are going to be on the receiving end of your on hold messages. There are different ways on how to approach  these callers. Nevertheless, you are given the opportunity to promote and inform, so make the best out of it.

Factor #2: Keep your eye on the goal.

What made you decide to venture in on hold marketing? Whether you want to increase your sales and profit, or enhance your credibility, thinking about what you want to accomplish will help you decide what you want to tell your callers. In addition, learning about your ultimate goal will let you craft an incredible on hold message as well.

Factor #3: How you craft  an on hold message script is extremely important.

On hold messages are more effective when they are written in short messages that are usually 20-30 seconds long.  Make sure that the message makes sense and stands on its own because most on hold messages are played on-loop. The recording will be cut off when you pick-up the line and entertain the caller, so you don’t know how long they’ve been listening on the other line, and how much they’ve understood.  Also, don’t forget to put pauses between your on hold messages to let the caller know that the message is already complete.

Don’t waste your callers’ precious time by giving them mediocre on hold messages. Hire someone who can write them professionally, and make sure that the message you want to tell to your customers is as clear as the sky. On hold messages can be highly effective when they’re done the right way.

Everything customers feel on the phone is intangible, yet very real to them. When was the last time you reviewed your company’s caller experience?

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