Professional Auto Attendant Recordings: Case Study

Professional Auto Attendant Recordings: Case Study

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Professional Auto Attendant & IVR Recordings Client Case Study: Bridgewater Credit Union

Established in 1953, Bridgewater Credit Union is a member-owned and member-operated financial cooperative.  Now, more than 60+ years later it has grown to serve more than 160,000 members, becoming one of the largest credit unions in the Tri-State area. Their outstanding growth is a testament to their unwavering dedication of providing its members with valuable products, services and education to help each individual achieve his or her financial goals.


The Issue:

Since the not so distant great recession, many consumers have flocked to local credit unions, preferring to not having to deal with the TBTF Banks that were the cause of the great recession. As a result BCU has experienced tremendous growth during the past few years, and in order to better serve its members, they were expanding technologies at their call center locations which included a massive overhaul of their telecom equipment.

However, prior to the expansion, BCU had conducted internal studies to gather various metrics on member customer telephone interactions, and what they accidentally discovered is that they were giving out an inconsistent telephone brand image. Their auto attendant recordings and IVR announcements had been done in-house by various staff members who had come and gone over the years, so BCU’s members were never hearing a single, unified voice for the brand.


 The Solution:

Here’s how we solved BCU’s problem.

When BCU consulted with us, we asked for some of the data they had conducted during their internal study. As we sifted through the information we were able to uncover statistics concerning customer dissatisfaction with telephone interactions, specifically their auto attendant and IVR recordings. Some of the member frustrations included recordings that were too confusing, or too long to listen to in order to get the information needed.

When calling members want to get their questions answered or problem solved, the best way to do this is for them to get to the source that can help them in the fastest way possible. So, with that in mind we provided custom designed professional automated attendant recordings to accomplish that goal. In addition to directing callers to the appropriate departments as quickly as possibly, BCU would now also greet members with a warm, friendly and unified voice of the brand.

Here’s a brief sample:



The Outcome:

BCU’s Director Of Call Center Operations, Randall Payne says:  “We recently conducted internal studies of customer telephone satisfaction levels after having Original On Hold do a makeover of all of our auto attendant and IVR recordings. The data is showing us that more than 77 percent of our members are experiencing improved (and more efficient) customer service levels and satisfaction.”

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