Poor Service and Frustrating On Hold Experiences Send 74% of Callers to Competitors!

Poor Service and Frustrating On Hold Experiences Send 74% of Callers to Competitors!

Poor service and frustrating on hold experiences send 74% to calls to competitors

In the era where online reviews and social media dominate, you’d think that customer service and customer loyalty would be a central focus of most brands and marketers. But they’re typically not, though one often hears lip service paid to these values. In reality, most industries deliver poor customer service.


The Shocking Truth:

Did you know that studies show that poor customer service, coupled with bad on hold experiences result in a whopping 74% of callers to a competitor!  Perhaps even worse, more than 30% of those consumers will leave a negative online review about your brand.

Elevate the Customer Phone Experience:

Conversely, an Invoca survey showed that good customer service and positive phone on hold experiences over the can have a strong impact on sales and loyalty. Offerings mentioned while on hold resulted in a 35% increase sales, and roughly 80 percent of respondents said they were likely or very likely to to become a repeat customer; and 60 percent said they were more likely to spend more on future purchases following positive call experiences.

Wrap Up:

Customer frustration then shows up in the form of negative reviews and critical social media discussion, as well as callers jumping ship to competitors. All of this impacts brand perception, and eventually, the bottom line. How do you avoid these negative impacts? Don’t neglect providing  a positive customer and caller experience with professional on hold messaging.  By doing so, you’ll deliver quality customer experiences, which translates into a virtuous cycle of improved word of mouth, lower acquisition costs, improved loyalty and increased sales.


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