Plumbing Company On Hold Messages Will Generate More Profit

Plumbing Company On Hold Messages Will Generate More Profit

plumbing phone on hold messages

Plumbers are skilled craftsmen at their trade, but often times like doctors, lawyers, etc. – while they may have honed in on their trade, not so much when it comes to marketing their plumbing company! Many plumbing businesses are small operations, and typically there are a few plumbers and maybe an administrative professional, while some plumbing businesses are a one person operation. Since it’s highly unlikely for a plumbing company to have a salesperson on staff, it means that the “sales” component of the business is up to the plumbers themselves. This is why, if you want to be able to grow your business, you need successful plumbing marketing tools that can help them be good salespeople too!

Most plumbing companies don’t take into consideration the fact that the first contact with their company is usually via the telephone. Are you doing everything possible to make that first contact with your business to be a positive and profitable one? Not if you leave waiting callers on-hold in “dead-silence”. Latest industry estimates indicate that 70% of business callers are placed on-hold, and over 55% of callers who wait in dead air hang-up in under 40 seconds! Lost calls, means lost revenues – not good! Consider why people call your business. In most cases they either want information related to an upcoming buying decision or they are calling about a problem. In either case, dead silence can be a detriment to the situation.

Why should you be using a marketing message on hold strategy at your plumbing company? Messages on hold create a strong first impression and rids consumers of that plumber’s butt mentality. Additionally, studies prove that music on hold and messaging retains callers on the line for up to 3 minutes, thus giving you the chance to serve them. That’s more than three times longer than the alternatives of dead-silence, radio or canned music. After all, if you’ve invested marketing dollars whether in direct mail, internet/seo, etc. in order to get your phone to ring, and then lose prospects due to caller abandonment (hang-ups), then you not only lose potential revenues but have wasted valuable marketing dollars.

In addition to keeping callers on the line, let’s talk about how message on hold transforms your telephone into a profit center for your plumbing business. It starts with educating callers about your services and offerings. If the customer doesn’t know about a product/service, they probably won’t buy it! Remember, although your caller has an initial need when calling in, you “never” know what else they may actually be shopping for or interested in. Do you offer priority service maintenance contracts? Do you offer devices like tankless water heaters, water saving fixtures, automatic shutoffs, leak detectors, re-circulators, water conditioning products etc? Many customers do not know the full line of services you offer, and on hold messaging is a highly-targeted way to inform them.

Message on hold marketing provides 5 significant ways in which it transforms your telephone into a real profit center.

1. Creates a positive customer experience.
2. Cross-sells products and services.
3. Highlights special promotions.
4. Builds brand awareness.
5. Increases sales revenue.

Many plumbing companies are still stuck with that traditional “yellow pages or bust” mentality, and that type of thinking has got to go! That was the old way of doing business, and you must implement strategies that allow you to adapt, as today’s consumer needs to be engaged and informed, and marketing on hold is a cost-effective, innovative way to engage a highly targeted, captive audience to which you can promote your company and develop a real added profit center for your business.

Do you have questions, or comments about how on hold marketing can be used at your plumbing business? Let us know, drop us a line below, we’d love to start a conversation to help!

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