Please Hold for This Customer Touchpoint Reality Check!

Please Hold for This Customer Touchpoint Reality Check!


Why this Customer Touchpoint Is So Important!


While on hold messaging is often viewed as a useful marketing tool, it also greatly aids in providing a better customer service experience. In fact, Research firm Jefferson Deandrus, found when callers were presented with messages on hold, they were less agitated versus waiting in dead-silence or music.


Better Customer Service Experiences Are Better for Your Bottom Line.



In Conclusion

Customers of today expect more from brands, so we should take the cue. Given the fact that customers today have lots of choices who they do business with, and literally can find what they’re looking for and have it delivered right to their doorstep with a few simple clicks, you need to be able to differentiate your brand and not only give them a reason to choose your brand, but give them reason to keep coming back.

Great customer service means not just meeting, but exceeding expectations. So, including message on hold as a part of the customer service experience avoids problems such as irate customers waiting on hold, plus it’s beneficial in fostering relationships with customers, and can significantly increase the likelihood of exceeding their expectations, turning them in to advocates of your brand.


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