Pediatrician On Hold Messages Are Just What The Doctor Ordered

Pediatrician On Hold Messages Are Just What The Doctor Ordered

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Parents calling the office of their pediatrician want to receive prompt attention from medical professionals. They may need to make an emergency appointment for a child with a high fever or perhaps they have a question about the dosage of a medication. Regardless of their reasons for their call, studies show that 70% of calls are placed on hold (source: AT&T), and for parents calling they want their call handled efficiently. This is why on hold messaging for your pediatric office is the right prescription for the common hold.

Professional on hold messages at your pediatric practice will not only decrease the frustration for parents waiting on hold, but it’s also a proven marketing tool for pediatricians to establish a real connection with callers to distinguish yourself from competing practitioners.

As a pediatrician, you need to educate patients’ families about the advantages of your care to help grow your practice. A quality on hold message adds value to patient hold time by showing parents that you care about serving their children in the best way possible, and is a proven strategy for increasing your profits.

Your message on hold content should contain important information for parents to remember such as health tips and other useful information. For instance, there may be updates regarding the type of insurance the office accepts or maybe there is a reminder about flu shots for children, immunizations, sun care tips, poison prevention and a wealth of other topics. An on hold message that shares up to date, important information helps creates a positive impression and solidifies the confidence that they have chosen the right pediatrician.

Here is a sample of a what you can mention in your on hold recording:

Sample #1
Is it time for soccer, baseball or basketball to begin at your child’s school? If so, then it’s also probably time to schedule their next pre-participation physical. If your child’s athletic association requires that they pass a physical, then schedule an appointment with our pediatrician today.

Sample #2:
Winter will soon be here, and with it come many viruses that can cause the flu, colds, and other infections. They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and with flu season is just around the corner, you can help boost your immune system and increase the chances you’ll stay healthy, with a flu shot. Get your flu vaccination today!

Your telephone is an important part of how patients and prospective patients perceive how they’ll be treated. On hold marketing allows you to make sure that you are delivering a consistent, quality image of your practice, improving patient communications and enhancing the caller experience.

Remember that callers to your office represent two highly targeted audiences to whom you can gear your on-hold message to – new patients and existing ones. This is why message on hold one of the most effective tools for your practice to enhance patient communication, increase revenues, and strengthen patient loyalty. And, callers who are more satisfied with their experience with your office are more likely to refer their friends and family.

Have a question or comment on how you can take key steps in improving patient education, satisfaction and loyalty with on hold messaging for your pediatric office?  Let us know in the comments section below.

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