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On Hold Messaging Offers An Affordable Way To Educate Customers About Your Business Without Breaking The Bank!

On Hold Messaging Offers An Affordable Way To Educate Customers About Your Business Without Breaking The Bank!

Educating customers and prospects about your products and services is an important part of marketing, and one of the best ways to increase your sales.  However, often times this can be an expensive endeavor! Instead of burning through stacks of cash, you should consider custom branded music on hold messages as an alternative marketing solution to traditional marketing methods. It’s both affordable and effective.  

Waiting callers at your business gives you an opportunity to speak directly to customers and prospects. It’s the next best thing to having one-on-one face time with them. Yet, it’s quite clear that this highly targeted marketing opportunity escapes many business owners. The business graveyard is littered with companies that failed because they thought that customers and prospects knew everything about their company’s product and service offerings.

Prospects calling your business are doing so,  because they have an initial want or need in which they’re looking to get fulfilled. As a business owner you’re trying to satisfy that initial inquiry, fulfill that need and capture the sale. But you may very well be leaving money on the table! Once you’ve captured the sale, usually you won’t run through a laundry list with prospects on your additional offerings, that is of course unless they ask you. But, if they don’t know you offer something how can they ask you about it?

With statistics showing that nearly 70% of business callers are placed on hold (source AT&T), this is the precise moment where on-hold messaging can educate, and plant the seed with your prospects about additional offerings that they may be unaware of.

Now, what about your existing customers? They probably purchase from you on a fairly frequently basis, but do you really want to leave it to chance that they know everything you can offer? Customers are busy people, and they often forget you, so it’s up to you to provide top of mind awareness, and keep then focused on your brand.

When you dine at restaurant, more than likely you know they offer dessert, but the staff is trained to politely remind you by saying “did you leave any room for dessert?” or “can I bring  you some coffee and dessert?” They don’t leave it to chance that you’re thinking about dessert, and they don’t want to leave any  money on the table when it comes to increasing the sale — and neither should you!

Marketing is about communicating with and educating your customers, prospects, and referral sources. So, think of  on-hold  marketing as ongoing process for your brand to educate those customers and prospects, persuade or even politely nudge them along to accomplish your ultimate goal of gaining extra sales and increasing revenue.

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