On Hold Messages Speak the Voice Of Your Brand At a Crucial Customer Touch Point

On Hold Messages Speak the Voice Of Your Brand At a Crucial Customer Touch Point


Branding is one of the top concerns of business owners and marketers everywhere, but with most B2B and B2C organizations using virtually the same branding tools, they’re arguably seeing less advantage as a result of their efforts— if they’re realizing any advantage at all. The bar is higher and higher in terms of what consumers will pay attention to, and there’s one powerful branding tool that has been generally overlooked, or perhaps undervalued by most marketers: sound!

On hold messaging is the strategic use of sound and marketing, and plays an important role in positively differentiating a product or service, enhancing recall, creating preference, building trust, and even increasing sales. It can truly engage, motivate and influence people in ways marketers want.

Your brand’s voice should be inspiring, be bold and speak directly to your audience. On hold messages are the perfect medium as it uses short, attention-grabbing phrases to engage your captive audience, and includes crucial elements of brand strategy and marketing fundamentals at one of the most crucial customer touch points!

Utilizing custom on hold messages offers numerous benefits for your brand. Yes, you certainly present the opportunity to increase sales opportunities, but it also provides for a better customer service experience, and keeps callers on the line by making the wait feel shorter.

Another great advantage of messages on hold is that it’s far less expensive than traditional advertising methods such as print, tv or radio. This means that for a nominal cost, message content can be fluid — keeping pace with your audience, and communicates in fresh new ways.

Brand managers and marketers are often tasked with playing “brand cop”. They watch over their company’s logo usage, colors and fonts. While the look of your brand is important, are you managing your brand’s other senses?  If you do not already use on hold messages for audio branding, the time is now to get started.

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