On Hold Messages Let You Flex Your Muscle Over the Competition

On Hold Messages Let You Flex Your Muscle Over the Competition

Did you know that every company has 5 areas of strength that will lead them towards success? You’re company have these too, and once there’s a clear strategic plan made on how to improve these strengths, success will be within reach.

One of the most practical but highly effective ways to highlight your strengths is through a well thought-out and crafted on hold message. This simple marketing tool has been widely used by a lot of successful companies, and it’s now your turn to experience the wonders of on hold messages.

Here are the 5 strengths that each company possess. And, you should definitely consider putting these in your on hold message.

Tell them your company’s purpose and principle

Plan on growing your business and increase customer loyalty? Tell your customers what is the essence of your company and how committed you are in making sure that they receive the best customer service ever.

Tell them your company’s products and how to go about them

Whatever industry you belong to, I bet your company offers one of the finest products and services out there. Why don’t you inform your customers about them? On hold messages can be customized according to your needs. With that, you can tell your callers about your recent offers, or any upcoming promos like referral incentives.

Letting your customers know about your capabilities will also help in improving your credibility. There’s no need to tell them everything on your on hold message, however, making clear statements about what you have to offer and inviting your customers to ask further information will trigger curiosity and interest which often leads to dialogue.

Show them your company’s professionalism and personality

Telling your callers about your products and services as well as some facts about your company is important; but, they’re not enough to win customers over. You also need to show your customers your company’s unique personality by choosing the proper voice-over talent that will be interwoven flawlessly to the tone of your message. This will then represent your company and will serve as your brand image.

In addition, your on hold messages should be structured in such a way that it will reflect your company’s expertise and professionalism.

Show them your politeness and sensitivity

Aside from attracting customers, one thing that’s worth mentioning to your message is how you appreciate their call. No need to rub the waiting time in their faces; a simple “thank you for calling” is already good enough to make them feel and think that you’re grateful for their call. Also, assure them that one of the customer service representatives will be with them momentarily.

Tell them your company’s policies as well as other important matters

Mention important info like office schedules, holidays, company address, emergency contact numbers, your website, etc. In other words, informing your callers about your policies and other important matters that they need to know can save time and effort for both you and the customer.

When you start crafting your message, be sure not to bombard your callers with too much information. On hold messages work best when you divide commercials into certain segments. That way, callers will have better information retention and will better understand the message you want to send across.

Since all these elements are already present in your company, all you have to do is to utilize and improve them. If you’re having difficulty working on the script, then hiring an on hold company that knows and understands your company’s needs will be able to nail the right message that will surely yield positive results.

We at The Original On Hold, Inc. understand that on hold marketing is not just concerned with what you say on hold, but also in how you convey the message. It’s because we know that what your callers hear on hold plays an integral part in building a long and lasting relationship.

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