On hold Messages, How to Get Started?

On hold Messages, How to Get Started?


Once you get customers waiting on the other line, this means that they’re already interested in your product/service offerings.  So, how do you keep, and peak their interest even more? By feeding them important information about your company – from interesting company history to new product and service launches. FAQs and office/work schedules can also be a part of your message.

On hold messages are an excellent tool to use not only in marketing, but also in branding. There’s no better opportunity to project your company’s image than to have a professional on hold message talking on your behalf.

Now, the question is how to get started? Here are some tips that are truly useful once you decide to install on hold messages in your telephone system.

1)      Resources are everywhere.

Truth is you don’t have to create your company’s on hold message script from scratch. In fact, an experienced scriptwriter knows that he can pull up significant information from already available resources that your company is using like flyers and posters. Even the company website is already a big help and contains a lot of information that can get you started with the scriptwriting!

2)      Highlight the best you’ve got.

Be sure to let your customers know about your latest affiliations or connections. You can even include all the awards and achievements that you recently received – anything that will make your company unique and reputable. In short, letting your callers know about  these accomplishments will help build your credibility.

3)      Say “NO” to information overload.

A good on hold message is brief and concise while maintaining a  catchy, memorable appeal. Bombarding your customers with too much information might result to frustration and agitation. When done right, your customers will have better information retention and will surely ask you to fill in the details once you return their call.

Also, don’t forget to choose the right tone for your on hold messages. Think of your message as a virtual receptionist that will greet your customers whenever they call. How do you want them to perceive you? Whatever the tone of your message will be, remember that it should be in-line with your brand.

On hold messages are a big help especially to growing companies like you who are still building your resources. This marketing tool is highly effective that comes at a very reasonable price. Not only will it ensure your success, you’ll be able to make your customer’s waiting time worthwhile.

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