On Hold Messages Help Small Businesses Reap Big Profits!

On Hold Messages Help Small Businesses Reap Big Profits!

On Hold Messages Help Small Businesses Reap Big Profits!


Do you feel like your small business needs a boost?  Well, look no further than your telephone! Custom branded on hold messages for small businesses can deliver big dividends.

Small business owners are faced with monumental challenges every day, and the competition in today’s business climate is fierce. Big-box stores and national name brands shout for customers’ attention with seemingly limitless resources. Small businesses, meanwhile, seem to always be scrambling to catch up.

Whether it’s custom-tailored suits or chocolate-covered confections, some of the most successful small businesses have learned how to use on hold messages to promote their special market niche to their corner of the world, by connecting with their customers with using on hold marketing messages that feature creative and relevant information and calls to action. If your small business doesn’t have on-hold messaging in its arsenal, then you’re missing out on huge opportunities and potential revenues.

Here’s how message on hold can help give your small business a boost:


Stop Callers From Hanging Up

When someone calls your business, they are one of the most highly engaged prospects you can have. You don’t want them to hang up and disconnect from your business, otherwise known as caller abandonment, but that is often what happens when you don’t have an on hold messaging system. An AT&T survey found that, “Without messages hold music, 70% of those on hold will hang up and 30% of those won’t call back.”


Initiate Sales and Encourage Upsells

The highly engaged audience on the line also creates a prime opportunity to market and promote your products and services. You can actually increase revenue using on hold marketing by sharing information that initiates sales and upsells. A Telemarketing Magazine survey found that, “15% to 20% of phone callers make purchases based on information they heard on hold.”


Generate Interest (and Sales) For Lesser Known Products or Services

When you have the callers attention, you are also able to introduce customers to products and services they may not know about. You have an opportunity to promote offerings that are useful, but unfamiliar to callers. “Information given to customers while on-hold leads to 12% direct increase in requests for the products and services mentioned,” according to a US West Communications Study.


Promote Seasonal Offerings

With on hold marketing messages, you can change your script so it matches the seasons. This keeps the information fresh for callers and allows you to promote products and services that relate to the season. For example, an auto shop could promote snow tires in the winter and air conditioning services in the summer.


Final Thoughts…

How many business owners or managers call their own company to truly evaluate the overall caller experience? The fact is very few. In reality, part of the customer experience is not only how patrons are greeted at the front door but the “phone door” as well. Everyone knows the cliché “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” however it is the absolute truth.

What do callers hear when placed on hold? A local radio station…Dead air? Ninety‐four percent of marketing budgets are spent on enticing consumers to call but only 6% on handling that call. If you have never addressed the situation, chances are it could use some improvement. The good news is with a little planning and the right training you can create a great “phone door” for your patrons.

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