On Hold Messages Help Prevent Wasted Opportunity

On Hold Messages Help Prevent Wasted Opportunity

How long are Americans willing to wait for customer service before slamming down the receiver? Well, according to the newly released American Express study released May 2, 2012, the average consumer hits his or her boiling point after 13 minutes on hold. This means that companies are given this  golden opportunity to increase customer satisfaction by beating the clock.

As we all know, a strong marketing weapon for any company is its outstanding delivery of customer service. Remember that when clients are impressed with how you handle things in your business, they’ll find you dedicated to your industry and that you’re doing your best to give them a whole new level of customer satisfaction. In business pleasing customers is a must especially if you want increase your sales as well as build brand loyalty.

With social media becoming more popular today, letting the online community know about a bad service or a fascinated customer can be done in just a matter of minutes. In fact, almost 50% of Americans today use social media to seek actual response from customer representatives; the rest use social media to vent frustrations over incompetent customer service, to praise a certain brand or product, or to simply share information. Can you imagine what these activities can do to your brand’s reputation? If it’s positive, then you’ll go a long way. If it’s negative, well you know what happens after that.

Since losing and gaining a customer is faster than a speeding bullet, you have to find ways on how to keep clients happy. We at The Original On Hold, Inc. believe that by integrating our on hold system into your marketing strategy, you have increased the possibility of making customers feel like they’re on top of your priorities.

Remember that callers appreciate on hold messages that are relevant and are equipped with the right information that will guide them all through-out their on hold experience. As a result, they will stay longer on the line, and who knows? They might place an order once they get a hold of you.

Be sure to let your business shine with professional on hold messages – don’t waste this incredible opportunity.

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