On hold Messages Give Your Small Business the Sound of Legendary Customer Service

On hold Messages Give Your Small Business the Sound of Legendary Customer Service


Legendary Service is defined as consistently delivering ideal service that keeps customers coming back and results in a competitive advantage for the organization. In today’s business environment, customers are demanding more than ever—expecting to get what they want when they want it, and often customizing it to suit their needs. If they do not get what they seek from one company, they can easily obtain it from another. If business was to be compared to a car, customers would be the fuel. No fuel and the car cannot go anywhere. No customers and the business cannot go anywhere.

When was the last time you left your office and actually experienced your business from your customer’s point of view? The key is to make the customers experience unforgettable, in a great way.The bottom line is, if you don’t take care of your customers, someone else will.  To be effective, customer service must be consistently good in every part of your business. From the moment the customer thinks of purchasing right through to the final sale, there are opportunities for the business to add value to the process. One of these very real opportunities is by deploying a professional telephone on hold message system.

Dial Up your own business, listen to your hold music for a minute or two, and see if that doesn’t get your blood pressure boiling. For many business owners and managers, it’s obvious that the wrong style of music, static-y radio, or dead silence is irritating to callers, but others can’t seem to figure out why they even need an custom on-hold messaging solution in the first place. Have you ever been put on hold and on the other end is silence? You may think for a moment that the person hung up on you. After you realize that you’re still on hold, you may wonder if they’re ever coming back to the phone. After another few seconds, you’re probably considering hanging up. And by the time the person returns to the phone, it seems like an eternity has passed even if it’s been just one minute. Do you want your customers to have those negative thoughts about the customer service at your business?

Most businesses look at customer service as a necessary evil. They handle it begrudgingly, and with the lowest paid workers they can get away with. You know what? That’s a really bad idea. The first, last, and possibly only time a customer will deal with you is likely via the telephone, and when done properly, it can be a goldmine. This is “why”  an On-hold message is a powerful, two-prong solution, because it blends customer satisfaction with marketing. You want to provide a really good customer service experience to people who phone your company, you want to keep people’s attention while they’re on hold, prevent them from hanging up, and provide a superior, tailored  on-hold experience.

While almost every company claims to offer superior customer service, experience shows that most company’s customer service is atrocious. Bad customer service loses your valuable customers (Instead of complaining, unhappy customers often simply take their business elsewhere) and angry customer tells at least 12 or more others about their bad experience. Often, a good customer service experience not only avoids/fixes problems but turns customers into fans and advocates and provides an opportunity to develop more business.  Don’t underestimate the value of providing a great telephone on hold experience! It is a crucial part of your customer service efforts and adds real value to your business. In today’s competitive market place you must aim to provide superior customer service, because customers have so many choices, they’re basing their purchasing decisions on the service they receive, not just the price and quality available.

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