On Hold Messages for Your Business Will Unlock Revenue Potential

On Hold Messages for Your Business Will Unlock Revenue Potential

On Hold Messages for Your Business Will Unlock Revenue Potential

When a customer calls your business, you have a golden opportunity to not only provide excellent service but also increase your revenue. Unfortunately, many businesses overlook this chance by neglecting to utilize on-hold messaging effectively. By implementing these tips and tricks, you can transform your hold time into a valuable revenue-generating tool.

1. Promote and Up-Sell/Cross-Sell:
Take advantage of on-hold messaging to highlight additional products and services. Position them as add-ons, specials, or complementary items. Don’t forget to mention lesser-known offerings like product packages, warranties, or new arrivals. Expand your customers’ knowledge and encourage them to explore more.

2. Motivate Callers:
Craft your messaging to motivate callers to take action. Create a sense of urgency by adding deadlines or limited-time promotions. Offer incentives, rewards, and bonuses to entice customers to act immediately. Clearly state the next steps they need to take and provide compelling calls to action. Consider referral incentives to turn customers into brand advocates.

3. Keep It Interesting:
Engage your callers by keeping your messaging concise and captivating. Keep each point within 70 words or less. Tell stories that resonate with your audience, such as customer testimonials or vivid explanations of product experiences. Inflect your voice and vary your pacing to maintain attention. Explore professional voice-over samples to find inspiration for an engaging hold message.

4. Be Respectable & Helpful:
Remember that on-hold messaging is meant to connect with your audience during hold time, not intentionally keep them waiting. Always prioritize the caller’s perspective and aim to assist them promptly. Avoid bombarding them with constant sales messages. Periodically provide answers to frequently asked questions, express gratitude for their patience, and offer helpful information like hours or directions.

5. Create a Positive Customer Experience:
By optimizing your on-hold messaging, you not only drive revenue but also enhance the overall customer experience. This leads to improved customer satisfaction, increased trust, and stronger brand-customer relationships. Remember, you’ve invested time and resources to encourage customers to call, so ensure you deliver an exceptional calling experience that benefits both parties.
6 Lastly, Don’t Forget About Your Phone Menu and Away Message:
While we’ve focused on messages customers hear when waiting to speak to a live representative, don’t overlook your auto attendant and after hours messaging. Use this opportunity to briefly highlight a special or promotion before providing essential details like operating hours, location, or website URL.
Final Thoughts…
If you’re unsure where to begin the pro’s at Original On Hold are here to help. We can assist you in building a comprehensive on-hold messaging system that engages callers, reduces hang-ups, and boosts sales opportunities. Elevate your business’s hold messaging to new heights and witness the positive impact it has to drive more revenue and enhance customer relationships. Still on the fence? Check out our 100% risk free custom on hold messaging demo and hear what your brand can sound like. .

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