On Hold Messages: You Can’t Set It and Forget It or You’ll Regret It

On Hold Messages: You Can’t Set It and Forget It or You’ll Regret It

I have a strong admiration for one of the greatest marketers, pitch-men, inventor and original infomercial marketing personalities — Ron Popeil.  Popeil founder of the famous Ronco marketing company, and was a true marketing innovator, shaping what is known today as the infomercial. He’s pitched everything from Mr. Microphone to the Pocket Fisherman, but he’s best known for his Showtime Rotisserie oven, and these 5 famous words:  Set it, and forget it!”

It’s these 5 simple words that make anyone in the on hold messaging industry cringe! You see, Popeil’s famous line: “set it, and forget it” works great for  the Showtime Rotisserie oven, but that same approach will make your on hold message stale!

Don’t look at your on-hold message like a Ronco Showtime Rotisserie and “just set it, and forget it.” You need to check on it from time to time to make sure the meat of your on hold message hasn’t dried out and gotten tough.

No successful business launches a once-for-all-of-time image or marketing campaign. A periodic review your on hold marketing menu throughout the year, will allow you to cook up something fresh and tasty, ensuring that your message on-hold adds real flavor for your callers on hold.

There are unlimited opportunities to connect with callers if your marketing message remains fresh and relevant.  Regularly rotating your on hold advertising content is imperative in order to be effective.  Are you having difficulty coming up with hot, fresh and new ideas for your script for on hold messaging?

Here are a few ideas to think about:

1)      What are the trends in your industry and how are you positioned to meet those challenges?

2)      Are you bringing new products or services to market?

3)      Have you won an industry award or a new accreditation?

4)      Does your business have seasonal tips or advice to offer callers throughout the year?

5)      Are you exhibiting at an upcoming tradeshow or event?

Remember even the best on hold marketing message has a shelf life, and these are just a few ideas in which you can keep your on hold message content fresh, timely and relevant.   Changing the content isn’t the only way to freshen up a message, either. Updating the background music or changing the voice talent can infuse new life into your on-hold advertising.

Finally, because I know how great a marketer Ron Popeil is, he has another famous catch-phrase that does apply when it comes to achieving on hold message success.  What’s this other famous catch-phrase — “But wait, there’s more!”

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