On Hold Message Script Tips and Ideas For End Of Summer Sales Opportunities

On Hold Message Script Tips and Ideas For End Of Summer Sales Opportunities

Believe it or not, Labor Day is right around the corner, and for many it also means nearing the end of the summer season. How did your brand fair? … Did you garner the summer sales results you were hoping for?

Don’t wait for your customers to come to you, use your on hold message to stay in front of them. Many businesses have a misconception that because a lot of people are away on vacation over the next several weeks, that they should pull back on their marketing spend. On the contrary, when it comes to your marketing strategy, you should resist the temptation to slow down, as that’s the last thing you should be doing.

Sure you can try the same old ho-hum “end of summer sale” or “summer clearance” offer that every other business is promoting, or you can consult with one of marketing savvy message on hold copywriters for some creative ideas to ensure your marketing message stands-out and drives sales. Remember that all marketing has one and only one purpose – to provide buying decision facilitating information.

Here Are A Few On Hold Message Script Tips and Ideas So Your End of Summer Sales Make A Huge Splash!

1)  The Last Chance Summer Sale!

Does an end of summer sale or summer clearance get you motivated or excited? Yawn! Put plainly, when a marketing message is typical or boring, it doesn’t work well. Instead, inject some sizzle into your message on hold content, while at the same time creating a sense of urgency within your call-to-action and make your offer sound enticing and irresistible.

Thank you for calling ABC Company, a representative will be right with you. Have you been procrastinating on ordering those _________ (insert whatever products you offer). Well, ABC Company says stop procrastinating and act now! With limited quantities, and only available for short time, this is your last chance to save big with our “last chance summer sale. So, What are you waiting for, get it before it’s gone!

It’s simple. People tend to act on an offer quicker and more on impulse when it’s in limited supply or only available for a certain time period. However every business will be pushing and end of summer or clearance sale, yet you have something more valuable – a last chance at a previous opportunity missed!

2)  Pre-Season Offers and Incentives For Fall

Although you may be thinking it’s nuts to promote pre-season fall product or services as most of the country still has soaring temperatures, but successful marketing means you need to execute early, and plan even earlier! Start planning now, because your competitors probably are.

Below is just one example of how you can effectively craft and communicate pre-season fall offers or incentives:


We appreciate you calling ABC Company. An associate will assist you momentarily. Wow football season is finally here! Whether you’re rooting for your local favorite high school or cheering on the pros, football is synonymous with fall. Speaking of fall, if you couldn’t live without having you’re a/c system keeping you cool this past summer, then right now is the perfect time to schedule a pre-season heating tune-up, and save 25%. A preseason tune-up  ensures that your heater will be ready when the first cold snap hits. It’s the best “defense” against system failure during freezing weather when you need it most. Get in the game, and be on the winning team by scheduling now…………..

3)  Using Unconventional Holidays.

As summer nears its end, every business will be fighting to win the 3 day Labor Day weekend shopping spree battle. However, have you ever considered stepping away from the pack, and using unconventional holidays in your marketing to stand out? August is chock-full of unique “holidays” and special events. For instance, did you know that August represents “Family Fun Month”, “National Golf Month?”, National Eye Exam Month? Or Water Quality Month? These are just a few of many unconventional holidays in August that you may be able to tie into your marketing, so that your message is more unique and engaging.

Don’t wait for the last minute to get these marketing items in order to take advantage. These themes aren’t just for sales items either, as they can be applied to new product roll-outs or engagement strategies. Remember, your on-hold message is being delivered to the two very best audiences a business could ever hope to have: prospects who choose to call you, and customers who choose to call you again!

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