On Hold Message Case Study – The Original On Hold

On Hold Message Case Study – The Original On Hold

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Music and messages on hold are a key marketing component for any business. Read the case study below for just one example.

Case Study:

The RWJPE brand is a multi-specialty, community based physician group with core specialties in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, OB/GYN, Cardiology, Sports Medicine, Gastroenterology, Pulmonology, Sleep Medicine and Urgent Care.  RWJPE patients benefit from a highly skilled and professional staff, personalized medical treatment, outstanding service, and the most cutting-edge technology and equipment available, which has resulted in explosive growth expanding to more than 30 locations throughout New Jersey. With growth came growing pains, as increased call volume resulted in longer hold times, and increased caller abandonment, so when RWJPE wanted to replace their bland, boring, and non-informative music on hold with custom, informational content, they asked The Original On Hold what could be done.

The Issue:

• Reduce caller frustration and hang-ups
• Inform callers about the group practice
• Feature specific monthly or semi-monthly events and health tips
• Enhance the RWJPE brand’s telephone experience


The Solution:

To solve RJWPE’s needs, here’s how we did it.

The Original On Hold created custom message on hold content for waiting callers. Our skilled, creative copywriters crafted engaging on hold messaging content to include specific details about the RWJPE brand, core specialties and the innovative healthcare services it provides to the community, as well as information that could answer frequently asked questions to reduce caller hold times and abandonment.


The Outcome:

The Original On Hold’s on-hold messaging allows the practice to keep their on-hold program in sync with the calendar by changing the on-hold programming content every few months, which keeps their messages fresh in order to have the greatest possible impact on callers by featuring references to health awareness months, wellness tips, new locations, etc. The on hold message isn’t only about positioning the practice to market to new patients, as it often introduces long-time patients to new procedure and services as well. In addition, the message is also geared towards answering frequently asked questions about the practice, since this is the reason many patients call, and by sharing it through their on hold message, patient questions are often answered without taking valuable time from staff members, thus reducing caller hold time, which in turn allows office personnel to operate more efficiently.

This innovative and unique approach met all the client requirements, and allowed the specific goals of the brand to come through over the phone to callers on hold.

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