On Hold Marketing Makes Every Call Count

On Hold Marketing Makes Every Call Count

What  brand impression are you providing to callers who wait on hold in silence? Well, the short answer? None! In fact, callers often feel as though they’ve either been forgotten, or that they’ve been cut off when you placed them on hold, and  chances are they will hung-up and never call again.  You’ll be extremely lucky  if they call back, and are you really willing to risk your brand to the chance of luck??  This is why you should do something about your on hold system.

There are many things that you should take into consideration when putting callers on hold, but let’s save that part for later. What you must understand is that although you have already found a way to make the waiting caller listen to some music on hold or on hold message, there are still factors that many business owners oversee.

First, connecting a radio for your music on hold is totally a bad idea. Not only will it accidentally advertise your competitors, it’s actually illegal to use it for music on hold. Second, you can’t just buy a CD from some famous artist and use it, otherwise, you will be facing serious license charges. Don’t forget these basic things, okay?

To continue with our list of things that you need to take into consideration when you make callers wait for you on the other line, here are the top 3 things that you should always remember about on-hold time.

 #1: “You never get a chance at making first impressions.”

This quote will definitely pass as The Original On Hold Inc.’s main motto. While the good ‘ol saying says, “First impressions don’t last,” however, this does not hold true in business. Whether your company is just starting up, or you’re already a multi-location company, you always put your best foot forward whenever you meet clients because unbeknownst to many, customers have a sharp memory and when give them an unpleasant customer experience, these customers have the power to let everyone they know that what they have encountered with you is bad and that they don’t want it to happen to others.

 #2: First time callers are skeptical and cynical even though they’re actually friendly.

Give these types of callers a break. Yes, you may be the best company in your industry especially in terms of customer handling, but you must also understand that the defenses of these first-time callers are up because they might have had a hard-time with their previous call. Do not give them a reason to believe that all companies are the same by providing them silence on hold or radio on hold.

The secret to these types of scenario is to make your callers feel at ease with your company with a professionally-crafted on hold message . With a top-notch message, you can let them get to know more about your company which somehow creates a connection between your brand and the caller even if they’re just listening to a pre-recorded message.

#3: You will easily run out of business if callers keep on hanging-up because of bad on hold experience

Customers placed  on silent hold will hung-up. When this happens, they actually move on to the next business hoping that they won’t get the same experience that they had with your company. Can you now imagine how ugly this scenario is? When this constantly happens, it will make you go poor, and your competitors will become rich. How about that for success?

Since callers have already made the first move of calling you, I hope you make sure that it’s not something they’ll regret; give them a worthwhile experience by providing pleasant, informative and entertaining on hold marketing messages — and Make every call count!!!

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