On hold Marketing Lessons from the Presidential Campaigns

On hold Marketing Lessons from the Presidential Campaigns

Tomorrow American’s will go to the polls to cast their ballots to determine the next US President.  And, while we’ve  probably all  grown tired of the monotonous tv ads, there are several good marketing lessons to take away from this year’s presidential  campaign that can be applied to your on hold marketing efforts whether you’re  republican, democrat or  independent .

Brand Positioning 

Branding on almost all levels are personal.  The consumer takes them personally, so they must be developed by marketers on a personal level.

In the political context  the brand is the person, and the candidates must be able to successfully present the whole branding package. You see, voters  (just like your prospective customers) have a brand image in their mind, and if you deviate from presenting the “whole” package, this can cause market loss or in this political example  — electoral loss.

Having a Good Defense Is the Best Offense 

We all love negative campaigns, right? Almost every contested election from the President to Dog catcher contains some negative tid-bit about the other guy! Now, we aren’t suggesting that you put together an on hold message campaign blitz to bash the competition, but we are saying that you certainly should be delivering a message about your strengths over competitors, and quite simply why you’re  “brand”  is the better choice!

Talking Features Instead of Benefits 

Never before has a Presidential race been so close and difficult to predict a winner.  So it really is going to come down to the wire.  The one thing both candidates understand is that voters want to know “what’s in it for me?”

The same holds true for prospective clients that caller your business. They’re not interested in features, they’re interested in benefits – what’s in it for them!  This is where your message on hold can provide a big advantage for your business. You see, if you can answer that one big question for people in your marketing message, you will win every time.

At the End, There’s Just  One  Winner

The entire political process is like on big sales presentation.  The consumer (the voter) has the funds (a vote) to buy (elect).  They’re just comparison shopping during the campaign, but in the end, there can only be one winner.

On hold time is like the presidential debates.  You have a tuned-in, interested audience in which you’re  on hold messaging is able to lay-out your plan, tout your cause, and give them the confidence that they’re seeking, that they have in fact made the right choice by choosing your brand.


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