On Hold Marketing Boot Camp: 30 Seconds to More Sales (Part 4)

On Hold Marketing Boot Camp: 30 Seconds to More Sales (Part 4)

Part Four


In parts 1, 2 and 3 of our On Hold Marketing Boot Camp, we’ve armed you with all the information you need on why you must implement an effective on hold marketing system and how to generate real revenues using this highly-targeted, highly-effective marketing strategy. Now that you know you need an on hold marketing strategy, where do you begin? What do you need? And, how do you find the right on hold marketing partner? Don’t worry! In part 4, the final series in our On Hold Marketing Boot Camp, we’ll give you the answers you need.


1. What You Need to Get Started With On Hold Marketing


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Sometimes taking on a new thing can be intimidating. The uncertainty of charting new waters can lead to procrastination. And procrastination begins to feed on itself, so the longer you put something off, the easier it becomes to keep putting it off. But on-hold messaging for your business shouldn’t be that way. It is a valuable component of any company’s marketing and branding strategies.

So what do you need to get started with marketing on hold? First, you need to determine if your telephones are music on hold compatible. Most multi-line PBX telephone systems are music on hold ready, and simply require an external player/source to be connected in order to have music on hold.

In most cases, the end user can connect the player to their telephone system box, similar to connecting a DVD player to your television. Simply plug one of the audio cable to the MOH (music-on-hold) input of the telephone system box, and the other end into the on hold player.

The other typical type of telephone set-up are standard 2-4 line telephones (ie. AT&T, RCA, GE) that are purchased from an Office Supply Store (ie. Staples, Office Depot, etc.). Unlike those big expensive telephone systems, ordinary 2-line and 4-line phones like Panasonic, AT&T, RCA, GE and other smaller office phones are “not” music on hold enabled. In layman’s terms, there’s no place to connect a message on hold player and/or other audio device. The music on hold adapter acts as an interface that connects between your telephone and wall-jack. The on hold adapter allows you to connect a message on hold player giving your small office phones audio on hold capability.

Lastly, if you’re using a hosted PBX or hosted VOIP service (ie. Ring Central, 8X8, Virtual PBX, etc) no audio playback device is required, as you simply send your provider the audio file to upload for your VOIP on hold music.

There you have it. See, I bet it’s not nearly as intimidating as you thought.


2. Choosing The On Hold Marketing Provider for Your Brand


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Ok, so hopefully after our “On Hold Marketing Boot Camp” series,  you’ve decided that custom music on hold and messaging should be a part of your overall marketing strategy – and that’s great! As you begin your search for an on hold messaging service provider, you’ll find many companies advertising that they can do the job for you, but buyer beware! Below we’ll give you some insight on choosing the right on hold marketing partner, and three things to look for when selecting an on hold service provider.

As you start your search, you’ll also quickly discover a common thread that every on hold provider is pitching a “magical black box” that’s the answer to all your message on hold needs. You’ll find information about how this magical black box works, how it installs, and a lot of other things you don’t really need to know about. When you choose a cable provider, do you really care about the cable box and what’s in it? No. You just want it to work, and the same holds true about music and message on hold equipment.

While having high-quality, reliable on hold equipment is important, since you don’t want a great on hold message to be played using inferior technology, the reality is, it’s not the on hold equipment that will give you a return on investment.  The “Real” Return On Investment from on hold marketing comes from the creative side!

Here our four things to consider when selecting an on hold provider that will an impact to your brand, your callers and most importantly — your bottom line!


1.Do they offer a custom on hold demo to show you their creative work?

Most providers will simply play a sample, the best way to find out exactly what your brand will sound like is with a custom on hold message demo made specifically for your company. This way, you can discover for yourself the quality and creativity of their work.

2.Do they provide up-front pricing?

We’ve already exposed a few dirty little secrets in part 3 of our Boot Camp, and we’re going to uncover yet another.Many on hold service providers don’t advertise price. Why? I always error on the side of caution when companies don’t advertise price.  Most reputable on hold marketing agencies advertise prices, and disclose the terms of their service agreements.

3.Do they have a streamlined process and quick turnaround?

Two week turnaround? … What good is a Sunday special if your customers and prospects can’t find out about it until Monday!

One of the biggest pitfalls when it comes to on hold message services, is that most providers do not have a streamlined process for the end-user, so getting new content can be a daunting task with long turn-around times, playing phone tag with your rep, a lot faxing or emailing back and forth, etc.

As a marketer, your needs can change on a dime, and you need an on hold marketing partner that has a solution that can easily meet those needs.

In Closing:

So, there you have it! Original On Hold’s “On Hold Marketing Boot Camp.” We’ve provided you with a variety of information needed to confidently take a long hard look at how to capitalize on inbound marketing opportunities with an effective plan for developing an on hold marketing strategy, what is needed to accomplish the plan and how to grow sales and generate real additional revenues.

Still have questions about on hold marketing? Post below, and we’ll be happy to provide our best advice.



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