No Snake Oil, Just Straight Talk About Why Your Businesses Must Have a Music On Hold Message Marketing Strategy!

No Snake Oil, Just Straight Talk About Why Your Businesses Must Have a Music On Hold Message Marketing Strategy!

Sure there’s lot of stats about the benefits of messaging and music on hold, but even with all these proven facts and impressive stats about how it improves the customer experience, enhances brand image & communication and sells more — It still takes some brands longer to wake up smell the on-hold button opportunity!

Let me ask you this:

If you’re own a brick and mortar business, do you simply ignore customer’s when they’re in the store?….

Are you an online brand that doesn’t use the necessary tools try to capture more leads, engage and convert more visitors? ….Of Course Not! However, If you’ve answered yes, then you may now go back to being asleep at the wheel.

Here’s a giant wake-up call folks! Successful retailers do everything possible to command the attention of patrons, keep them in the store longer, and try to sell them more. The same holds true for successful online brands. They use lead capture forms, videos and live chat functions to engage visitors, keep them on the site/page longer and increase sales.

So you’ve got the store covered, your website covered, but what are you doing about your telephone on hold time? If you’ve answered nothing, then you may very well be losing sales, missing out on a valuable marketing opportunities, and also giving your competitor an edge!

At The Original On hold Inc we’ve been helping brands (many of which are household names) with their audio marketing and branding needs for 23 years. As this posts’ title suggests: no snake oil, no secret myths.

Here’s 5 reasons your brand needs an on-hold wake up call.

1.Sell more products and services.
With fewer opportunities in play these days, and with increased competition your phone’s on-hold button allows you to broaden your marketing channel, and present a real-marketing opportunity! Callers on hold represent a captive, interested and highly targeted audience. They’ve called because they’re already interested in what you offer, but here is your chance to bend their ear, and let them know what else you can do for them.

2. Caller abandonment means you’re frustrating callers and losing potential revenues.

Silent hold causes callers’ to think they’ve been disconnected or hung up on. Frustrating your callers is a major contributor of having a high rate of call abandonment (hang-ups/lost calls). Today’s callers quickly go elsewhere if they don’t get what they’re looking for right away. If you think you’re not losing potential revenues due to caller abandonment, then think again! Studies show that caller abandonment costs businesses the equivalent of between 10-15% of what their gross annual sales. Can you really afford that type of revenue loss?

3. Your competition is using on-hold messages, how about you?
If you see a very successful competitor doing something chances are it is making them money or they wouldn’t be doing it!  And, if it works for them, it can work for you to! When you compare your competitor’s on-hold experience to yours, it doesn’t take long to hear the difference. The flip side to this is, while it’s important to pay attention to what your competitors are doing. It is equally important to pay attention to what they are not doing.  If they’re not using a professional on hold system, maybe they have dropped the ball and overlooked something that could be hugely profitable for you.

4. Be the brand of choice.
 Brand image is defined as the impression in the consumers’ mind of a brand’s total personality, both real and imaginary qualities and shortcomings. How is your telephone brand image perceived? Call yourself, and get placed on hold. You may be shocked to discover how your telephone brand image is perceived by prospective customers! Do you make no impression, or even worse a bad first impression? …Or, Do you have a well nuanced audio brand image? An investment in a message on hold system will go a long way toward maintaining a positive brand image.

5. I don’t like to those darn things.
Let’s say you sell ice cream. Some people like chocolate, while others like vanilla. You might be thinking what does that have to do with anything? The answer: A lot. The concept being that  you don’t really care whether or not your customer’s preference is for a particular flavor, you just want to be the one to sell it to them! What happens if “you” personally don’t like chocolate or vanilla, will you not offer it based on your personal like or dislikes? Highly successful people Don’t let personal bias get in the way of good business. If you personally don’t like music on hold for some reason, that’s perfectly fine – because you’re not the one calling your business and being placed on hold. It’s the prospect looking for chocolate or vanilla who’s calling and hearing the music on hold.

Every day, in every industry, motivated companies take advantage of time callers spend on hold with custom music on hold messaging services. Is your company amongst those?  If not, sirens, bells & whistles should be going off right now, as this  should truly be your on hold wake up call.

There you have it! No snake oil, no secret recipes, just straight up talk about why you need professional on hold services for your brand to be competitive. Contact The Original On hold Inc today, and start making the most of every marketing on-hold opportunity available.

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