National Survey Shows On hold Message Marketing is More Than Just Talk

National Survey Shows On hold Message Marketing is More Than Just Talk

Surely, customers and prospect clients have found you and your company’s information in LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media networks…. They’ve  probably seen your ad more than twice on TV, or read it in a newspaper, magazine, flyer or direct mail piece….  When they’re interested to work with you, do you know what’s the first thing they do? They pick up the phone and try to contact you!

Doubtful? I hope not because according to studies, companies actually spend 94% of their marketing budget just to make sure that the phones are ringing. You do the Math; I bet that amounts to a lot of money.

What happens when you can’t take that call? Recently, On Hold Marketing Association (OHMA), an international trade organization for on hold message providers concluded that an average of 57% of calls are put on hold. Now, this is where on hold messages come in. A professional on hold message can help you win over customers instead of losing them.

According to the survey, 85% of respondents say that messages on hold were a useful marketing tool, and it definitely helped in making their business be seen in a better light. The other 24% said that their on hold message brought about real sales revenue.

How will you make your on hold messages effective? Actually, it should be more than just informing and entertaining the callers.

Here’s how you can make your message on hold work best:

a)   Make sure that you tell callers the reason why they have to choose you among other companies. Since you’ve already had them on the line, use this chance to promote your company and the products and services you provide. Highlight the best things that your company can offer.

b)  Ask yourself, “How do you want callers to perceive your company?” Remember that your company’s on hold message is your brand image. By investing on the right voice talent and a well-crafted on hold message script, you’ll be able to have a sound company image to your callers. It will also be easy for you to send your message across customers and prospective ones when you’ve decided what tone you’re going to use for your on hold message.

c)  Don’t forget to update your on hold message with the latest information from your company. Talk about the most recent accomplishments you had, any product launching, or seminars that you’ll be hosting in the future. You can also put together a refreshing message by adding a few tidbits about the latest season and how your products and services will be able to help them. For instance, during winter, how will your paint company be able to accommodate your client’s needs?

OHMA emphasized that updating your on hold marketing messages can make a difference to your brand. In fact, companies who update more frequently (6 times or more a year) have generated better results by getting more calls and increased sales.

Overall, an effective music on hold & message will keep callers from hanging up.  It actually keeps them engaged until you pick up the phone. I believe it’s just a fair bargain given the 94% you spend on marketing. Think about it!

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