Music On hold time goes mainstream

Music On hold time goes mainstream

I had this awesome post ready for today, and at the very last minute I scrapped it. Why? Well I wouldn’t exactly call it an epiphany, but while watching television last night I saw not one but two commercials about music on hold.

This got me thinking about how much attention music on hold has gotten this year.  We have had Met Life,  Allstate and Discover Card run tv commercial about hold music, and even a movie. That’s right a movie. Music On hold the film (Dir. A Golfrid).  It’s not an original scenario, nor does it pack quite the Oscar Winning performance of Scarlett O’Harah in Gone with the Wind, but Music On Hold’s charm is in its characters and humour not its plot.

Sure these companies were making light or poking fun about hold music, but the reality is these companies also know the importance of caller retention,  a good caller experience and  how to make the most of waiting on hold.

Let’s see, Corporate giants running tv spots  about hold-time and on hold music, a movie film about music on hold , and news features  about music  copyright laws  when playing music in your establishment or on the telephone. Is it mere coincidence that “hold music” has caught so much attention by the mainstream this year?  I think not.

Go ahead watch, enjoy… but most importantly learn what these iconic companies already know – music on hold is no joke!

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