Music On hold: Are You Frustrating Callers, or Keeping Them Happy?

Music On hold: Are You Frustrating Callers, or Keeping Them Happy?


One of the best known strategies in telephone marketing is the music on hold messaging system. As a matter of fact, most growing businesses who plan on increasing their revenues choose on hold messages as a part of their advertising strategy.

Now all you need to do is find the right on-hold message provider, and this should be easy right? Wrong! If you Google custom music on hold & messages, it will return over 498,000,000 results. Successful message on hold providers know that  there are numerous goals your on hold message should achieve: improving the caller experience, reducing caller hang-ups, educating customers and prospects and increasing sales.

First, our team of copywriters will conduct an assessment of your company, culture and marketing strategy as well as how often you need to update the information you have already told your customers weeks or months ago. One thing’s for sure – our seasoned copywriters use the right combination of information and entertainment to create the perfect message on hold script that will work for your brand.

Yes, it can be a little challenging because you need to have just the right amount of information to keep the customers educated about your brand, but still have that entertainment factor. If you bombard your callers with too much news and updates, they will not be able to grasp your message completely, worse they will feel fed-up and hang-up on you.

See, customers prefer listening to on hold messages rather than silence in the background. Not only does it lessen the feeling of being put on hold, it also helps in letting them know what they need to learn about your product and services. This feature is especially beneficial to those first time callers who is not familiar with your brand, yet.

Be sure to look for an on hold company who has a team of talented writers than can produce a polished and refined script. We at The Original On Hold, Inc. have an amazing group of talented people who can take care of your script writing needs, making sure that your on hold message is not lengthy and boring. Instead, they will put their best efforts to come up with something that will put you in a positive light while promoting your products and services.

Also, the voice-over artists will serve as the voice of your brand. They will also keep your callers company, so you need to pick the right voice that will be able to make the customers feel comfortable while listening to them. The same is true for the music style you choose for your on hold recording. Make sure it properly reflects your brand image!

The right on hold messaging company offers professional and reliable message on hold equipment that will make ensure your on hold message will sound crystal clear.

Paulo Coelho, a famous novelist once said, “Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But not knowing which to do is the worse kind of suffering.” Yes, it’s a little overdramatic but there’s definitely truth behind it, especially in the case of callers being put on hold.

Bear in mind that in choosing the right on hold messaging company, it should be the one that is worthy of your company’s investment and your caller’s time.

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