Mobile Prospects and Customers are Driving the Need for On hold Messages at Your Business

Mobile Prospects and Customers are Driving the Need for On hold Messages at Your Business

With prospects and customers being more mobile than ever before, businesses of all sizes and industries are trying to take advantage of technology to allow easier access and communications. In trying to keep pace with these constant moving targets by having mobile websites or apps with “click-to-call” features, so consumers can get in touch quickly while on the go.

Certainly this sounds like a novel idea, however many businesses are also trying to do more with less staff, which results in longer hold-times. Studies show that callers who wait in silence will hang-up in less than 1 minute, but with mobile callers the time frame is even shorter (less than 40 seconds).

So, while your business may be making an investment in technology to allow access to communication easier – what investment are you making to prevent caller abandonment (lost callers due to hang-ups).

You spend marketing dollars to get people to call your business, but no matter how good a marketing campaign, if that caller hangs-up before giving you the chance to serve them, you’re losing revenues and wasting those valuable marketing dollars.

So, what’s the solution?  Installing a professional message on hold system at your business! Think of on hold messages as marketing insurance for your brand.  We get insurance for those important things such as health, home or automobile – so that if an unforeseen event occurs, we’re covered to prevent a loss.

But what if you could have insurance for your marketing? Well, of all on-hold scenarios  such as silence, radio, canned music or messages, it’s a proven fact that with phone on hold messages, callers will wait up to 3 times longer, thus giving you the chance to serve them. In fact, studies have shown that music on hold messages reduce caller abandonment rates by more than 50%. 

Additionally, a survey from Maxi-Marketing showed that 88% of callers exposed to information while holding inquired about the product or service mentioned on hold. Now this applied to all types of callers whether mobile or landline. The end result?  Professional on-hold services decrease caller abandonment rates, increases sales and reinforces your other marketing efforts.

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