Message On hold Script Tip: Short, Sweet and Repeat!

Message On hold Script Tip: Short, Sweet and Repeat!

A man once said, “A word to the wise is enough,” and while there’s some truth behind the famous line, unfortunately, this doesn’t apply in on hold messages. You can’t just throw out all the information in one on hold message, and expect that the caller will get everything in one single message. Truth is, the success of any marketing strategy is to repeat your sales message until you leave an indelible mark to the customer’s memory.

Of course, not all clients have the same preferences, and every on hold message should be unique – all depending to your brand’s needs. However, one universal law in on hold marketing that you should never forget is that you have to present information that will be beneficial to your callers. Ask yourself, “What do you want your callers to do with the message they just heard?” Remember that on hold messages are not just for your company’s benefit, but more on the callers’.

Once you’ve decided what call to action you want from your callers, get the message out there, and encourage them to do something by repeating the idea over and over again throughout your on hold message script. One mention of special offers is definitely not enough in your message on hold! Not that your customers are stupid,  It’s just how advertising works – you have to continuously resell the idea until it sticks.

We at The Original On Hold, Inc.  of course, aren’t  advising you to write about the same promotion over and over until you’ve beaten it to death,  but rather put some variety into your message, by including promotions or special offers, as well as brief information about your company, showroom hours, the latest technology that you just applied in your operations, website information, etc. It’s basically any information that is relevant and will keep your callers interested and entertained.

If you include too many details in your on hold marketing, it’s sort of like throwing mud on a brick wall hoping that everything will stick. Unfortunately, a few could stay, but the rest will just slowly fall down to the ground leaving a massive bulk of mess. When your callers are asked to wait on-hold, the message they get should be short, sweet and on repeat!

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