Message On hold Providers an Apples to Apples Comparison

Message On hold Providers an Apples to Apples Comparison

With too many tasks to do in today’s competitive world, having to wait on-hold for a couple of minutes surely feels irritating. Now that you’ve had that “ah-hah” moment and realize callers dislike waiting, your goal is to find a provider for quality on hold messaging.

It’s simple right? You hop online, google the term on hold and viola! Only if you have ever attempted to do this, then you know that the problem is, your search brings back 216,000,000 results.

To have professionally recorded on-hold messages, you should be able to find an on-hold message company that can cater to your needs. How do you choose the right company? I mean what’s the big difference between message on hold companies anyhow right? Wrong! There’s plenty of differences between custom music on hold & message providers.

This isn’t slapping together a little script copy, choosing a voice and a little pleasant music. Achieving quality, successful on hold messages is tougher than you think!

Getting the opportunity to have your customer’s full attention doesn’t come often. As much as possible, you want to prevent them from hanging-up; and, you can only do that with a creative on-hold message. Installing a message on-hold in your phone systems can reduce the feeling of frustration from your callers by educating, selling, and entertaining them, while creating a good impression for your brand.

Here is our top 5 “apples to apples” comparison in what to look for in a quality on hold message provider:

1) An experienced and reputable on-hold messaging provider should have a list of equipment options that you can choose from. They should be able to thoroughly explain the pros and cons of each. Prices should be clear and up-front, with no hidden costs. Also, an experienced company should also be able to either install the message on-hold equipment for you, guide you through it, or arrange for it to be professionally installed.

2) An experienced and reputable on-hold messaging provider uses a royalty-free music, or they should offer licensing as part of the price.

3) An experienced and reputable on-hold messaging provider should have a variety of male or female voice talents and with sample on hold demosfor each.

4) An experienced and reputable on-hold messaging provider should also provide you with different music styles that will fit the image of your brand.

5) Should you opt to write your own on-hold script to make it sound more personal, don’t forget to read it aloud yourself to see your long your message breaks. An experienced and reputable provider should include on hold message scriptwriting as part of the package.

Truth be told, on-hold messaging is the only way to keep customers on the line. They’re willing to wait, as long as it’s worth waiting for. Create a good lasting impression! Educate. Sell. Entertain – that’s what on-hold marketing is all about.

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