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Message On hold for Your Small or Home-Based Business

Message On hold for Your Small or Home-Based Business

Once you hear on hold messages that are simply impressive, I’m pretty sure that at some point you also want to have that same kind of message on hold playing on your company’s behalf. Many small and medium sized companies as well as start-up businesses find on hold messages beneficial for their brand promotion. What good way to get the message out there than to come-up with a marketing strategy that involves the telephone, right?

Many of you don’t know this, but there was actually a time when the only companies who are capable of playing music and messages on hold are those firms who have abundant advertising budget. These businesses are the only ones who can afford the expenses that are needed for Key Service Unit (KSU) or PBX Telephone Systems.

The coming of music on hold players were eventually made available to home-based and other small businesses who have single-line, two-line, or four-line phones. During these early years, they have managed to take on hold messages to their full advantage.

Since many companies chose on hold marketing as their main marketing strategy, a lot of telephone-audio manufacturers had later on invested more money into the development of technology. One of the most significant advancements in on hold messaging technologies is the improvement of compatibility with ksu-less a/k/a regular off-the-shelf phones purchased from and office supply store.

KSU-less or OTSP (off-the-shelf-phones) do not come music on hold enabled, so you can’t just simply connect an audio-source for music on hold. “Fear Not!”…

Due to on hold message technology evolution, even companies with KSU-less phones can make use of on hold messages to send important messages and be able to effectively relay information to its customers.

With improved quality, dependability, and compatibility, every business can easily add an on hold system, and take advantage of this powerful and cost-efficient advertising tool.

Now small businesses and home-based business can easily reap the benefits of on hold messaging with ease-of-use, and a simple installation process of today’s advanced on hold equipment.

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