Message On Hold Content Outdated? – There’s No Excuse!

Message On Hold Content Outdated? – There’s No Excuse!

On Hold Message Content Outdaed? There's No excuse!


In today’s fast-paced business environment, there’s simply no excuse for having outdated content of any kind, whether on your website, blog, digital signage, etc and especially in your message on hold. When you choose to continue to broadcast the same old on hold audio content, here’s the message you’re sending to your audience:  A message that states that you are not up to date on topics and trends that are currently taking place — therefore, you may lose your audience’s attention because they think you are out of touch.

This can be very damaging as marketing efforts become wasted, you quickly become outdated and irrelevant, and worst of all — outdated marketing content causes businesses to fall behind competitors, and can lose market share as result.  Outdated content can both confuse your users and reflect poorly on your business and its ability to stay up to date.

Case in point, a new client recently contacted us because he had purchased a recording from a different company that he’s been playing on hold for the past 8 years (Yes, you read correctly – the same hold message for 8 years!). His business had recently moved to a new location about 2 months earlier, and re-connected his equipment, but because he hadn’t paid attention to the message content, he didn’t think about the fact that the messages had still contained their old address. Within the span of a couple of weeks, many of his clients had complained about driving to the old location, instead of to the new location, as the old address is what is being mentioned on hold.

Even if it is just a quick refresh, we recommend reviewing and editing your marketing on hold content every 3-6 months. When is the last time you reviewed your content? You may be very surprised to find old statistics, outdated recommendations, or even products/services that you no longer offer. You will miss out on connecting with a highly engaged audience and fail to use your message to improve your sales, marketing campaigns, and customers service.

Every business should always try to prove to their audience that they are caught up on everything that is taking place at that moment in time. You can’t expect to play the content forever and expect what once might have great results. Our web-based on hold audio content management system (Marketing On Hold Manager) makes it easy to collaborate with our creative team, to quickly and easily update your messages with content that’s timely, relevant and fresh! The bottom line is, with leading edge platforms like our Marketing On Hold Manager, there’s simply no excuse for playing outdated (or boring) messaging.

Thinking about adding message on hold at your business? Perhaps you’re unhappy with your current provider, and you’re ready to upgrade and improve your hold messaging, so that you can better serve your business and customers?

Learn more about how you can bring message on-hold services to your business with a free, no-obligation consultation with an Original On Hold specialist. During your session, you’ll learn how to create strategic messaging, select voice talent, and write scripts.







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