Marketing Your Veterinary Clinic With On Hold Messages

Marketing Your Veterinary Clinic With On Hold Messages

Veterinary On Hold Messages from Original On Hold Inc


The times, they have a changed, and this means that your veterinary marketing techniques need to change too. What may have been successful 30 years ago is probably not going to attract today’s savvy pet owners. For example; Did you know that in 2017 the largest group of U.S. pet owners is made up of millennials, as reported by global research firm GfK?…

Millennials interact with their smartphone more than anything or anyone else, according to a survey conducted by Bank of America.  This largest group of pet owners are using their smartphones, thus driving more inbound calls to your veterinary office, and with increased inbound calls, also comes increased on-hold times.

Marketing can be an expensive venture for any veterinary practice, or animal hospital. However, there is one very efficient, cost-effective marketing solution which allows you to interact with your customers and potential customers which is the cat’s meow. What is it? Veterinary on hold messages.

A big chunk of your marketing spend is geared toward getting the phone to ring, so that existing and prospective patients will call to schedule an appointment. But what happens when staff is busy and callers are asked to wait. Well, according to AT&T if you leave callers waiting in dead-silence, 40% of them will hang up in less than 55 seconds. This is known as caller abandonment which not only causes lost potential customers, but it also results in the money spent to generate that call to become wasted!

Custom veterinary on hold messages do much more than just fill that dead-time and entertain. When done correctly, it can actually increase revenues and added profits! Two things any hospital owner or manager would love to hear. In fact, according to US West Communications on hold messages can increase sales of items mentioned to callers on-hold by as much as 28 percent.



Here are just a few ways on hold message marketing can help grow your veterinary practice:


1. Upselling

You have a strong base of clients who visit often, whether for regular check-ups, vaccinations or dental care. When was the last time you tried to upsell them on a service?

For those who come in once or twice a year for vaccinations and nothing else, your on hold message can talk with them about a routine dental exam for their pet? Or perhaps you can share with them your latest promotions on pet toys and treats? The opportunities to up-sell pet owners are wide open. You just have to know where to look, and in this case, you need to look no further than your “hold” button.

Example Message:

 Does your dog have breath that could clear a room? Has it been a while since your pet has has a dental cleaning? Regular dental cleanings are the best way to keep your pet’s teeth strong and healthy. By providing your pet with sufficient dental care, you can prevent the buildup of bacteria in the mouth, meaning fewer health problems later in life. Schedule your pet’s dental cleaning today!

2. Cross-Promotions

Educating callers about services and products that compliment one another is an easy way to improve marketing and generate more sales. For example, does your clinic offer grooming services or boarding? If so, cross-promote these and many other products/services to an interested and captive audience.

Example Message:

 If you’re planning a vacation this season, don’t forget to make accommodations for your pet! We would be happy to care for your cat or dog while you’re away. At our facility, we can provide a home away from home, in our comfortable and safe environment. While your pet is here, we can also provide professional grooming services, plus we’re also happy to take care of any vaccines, blood tests, or medications your pet might need. We can also apply flea and tick products and more. So if you’ve made travel reservations this season, remember to make reservations for your pet too!


3. Monthly Holiday Special Offers

Each calendar month presents fun and unique animal-related holidays in which you can market your  clinic around.  Some examples include: National Heartworm Awareness Month for April, or Lyme Disease Prevention Month for May. Mention special offers promotions in your on hold message to entice new clients and those clients who rarely visit to make appointments.

Example Message:

 May is here, and that means Mother’s Day, Memorial Day and Chip Your Pet Month! Microchipping greatly increases the chances that pets will be reuinted with their families if they are lost or stolen. The procedure is quick and doesn’t require anesthesia or recovery time. In honor of Chip your pet month, now thru May 31st save $15 when you get your pet micro-chipped. 



4. Referrals

Your existing clients are your best source for generating new customers, so ask your callers for customer referrals. Tell them how you’d appreciate it if they refer you to their family, friends, neighbors, colleagues or anyone who needs your excellent service.

Better yet, if you offer a referral rewards program, this is the perfect way to encourage referrals from your existing client base by enticing them with special reward offers such as; when referring new customers to your practice, they’ll receive 15$ off  boarding, grooming or other non-medical services.

Example Message:

At ABC Veterinary, we love you and your pets! If you love us back, be sure to visit our Facebook page and share your feedback, or give us a star rating on Google, Yelp and Facebook.  Have friends or colleagues that are pet owners? Here’s a great way you can both save! Simply refer a friend to our office, and upon their first visit you and your referral will receive a 20% discount off your pet’s next visit or pet supplies. We greatly appreciate the confidence and trust you place in us when referring friends, family and co-workers. We’ll be right back to assist you in scheduling appointment, or answer any questions you may have.


Ready to Start Marketing Your Veterinary Practice with Custom On Hold Messages?

Vet clinics are busy places – as a result, callers are often placed on hold. These callers represent your most qualified audience! The best way to make the most of your on hold space (and make sure your on hold customers receive the best on hold experience possible) is to create custom on hold messages for your business. Don’t make the mistake of having radio silence while your customers wait on hold! This economical and customizable solution offers a compelling way to educate and entertain while gently recommending treatments and services for pet owners during their telephone on hold wait.

At Original On Hold, we’ve worked thousands of veterinary clinics and animal hospitals helping to use their on-hold space as viable marketing opportunity to generate revenues by engaging callers with relevant information about your services, special offers, referral programs, non-medical services (boarding and grooming), website, social media channels and more. Contact us to begin setting up an on-hold message, or check out our risk free on hold demo trial offer.



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