Marketing Tools to Engage Patients In Your Waiting Room

Marketing Tools to Engage Patients In Your Waiting Room

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We’ve all been in the position where we’re sitting in a waiting room for longer than we’d like. With long waits comes unhappy patients and, sometimes, bad reviews! I mean, who likes to hang around in waiting rooms? No one’s enjoying themselves, the magazines are old news, the clock’s ticking but you’re not going anywhere.

Businesses are wasting an opportunity: waiting rooms are the perfect place to engage customers and patients. So how can you make the most of that wait time, make your patients happy and improve patient education?

Below, we’ll review two marketing tools business background music, and  in which you can implement to transform your waiting room and accomplish exactly that!


Custom Waiting Room Videos: 



Incredibly powerful, high-definition marketing videos for your waiting room. Engage and entertain your clients while you educate them about everything your clinic has to offer. Waiting room videos are a fantastic way to market to your existing patients and let them know about your specials and other treatments without hard-selling.

Putting a jaw-dropping, attention grabbing video in your waiting room or lobby is a perfect way to add revenue and profits to your businesses bottom line. The benefits are obvious. You’re marketing directly to a captive audience that’s already in your business with information about your products and services. Your clients will be entertained at the same time that you’re educating and informing them of the scope of your services. Special offers? New services? Packages or gift certificates? Video marketing will ‘soft-sell’ your clients and get conversations started that result in increased sales!


Business Background Music System:



A background music system enables you to create a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere. And, a carefully selected playlist can help you keep people calm and happy. A study in the British Journal of General Practice found that 88 percent of patients say that music improves their mood and 83 percent find it relaxing. On the flipside, the absence of music increases anxiety.  Other research has found that relaxing music releases endorphins (these are the same feel-good hormones that produce the “buzz” you get after exercise).


Closing Thoughts:  If you’re a dentist, physician, medical spa, chiropractor, plastic surgeon, dermatologist, or any other business that has a waiting room or lobby — your waiting room is a large part of the patient experience.  You’d be a fool not to transform that wait time into a productive, positive experience for patients and their families.  Don’t pass up this unique, and highly targeted opportunity to  increase your profitability, and drive extra sales by engaging and communicating the right message to your existing clients or patients.

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