Man Waits On hold for Fifteen Hours Are You Keeping The Customer Happy

Man Waits On hold for Fifteen Hours Are You Keeping The Customer Happy

Long hold times, and poor customer service isn’t just a problem in the U.S. – it’s a global problem! If you’re seeking the fastest way to lose a customer, then watch the video above.

Sure lots of business talk about customer service, but how many of them really deliver ion their promise? We at The Original On Hold, Inc. happened to stumble upon a Forbes article with a probing and attention-grabbing question: “What if you just increased the percentage of consistently happy customers by 5%?” Leaves you something to think about, right? What if.  Wouldn’t this mean increase of everything? And, we are not just talking of revenue here. We’re talking about increasing your brand reputation and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), which is equivalent to raising credibility and loyalty of customers.

Good customer service takes a lot of hard work. Let us present to you a quick report on how customers feel about good customer service: Did you know that 86% of customers are actually willing to pay more for better customer service? This is not a rough estimate; this report actually came from a CEI report. Unfortunately, only 1% of these respondents felt that their service provider has consistently met their needs. This survey only shows that half of the time we take our customers for granted and only focus on getting our target sales.

Today, customer loyalty is at an all-time. This is no fluke when you consider customer service experiences are also at all-time lows!  Once you’ve completely fathomed that this has a huge impact on your business, then that’s the time you tailor meaningful and relevant messages that will build customer relationships and brand loyalty.

In order for you to do this, you need to understand customers’ wants and desires. How do they use your products and services? What easily gets their attention? Long before they pick up the phone to call, many of your prospective customers have already researched your business and formed an opinion.  Prospective customers want know the brands they’re considering as their service provider are both helpful and trust-worthy.  Our copywriters are masters at helping you keep your eyes and ears open for the customer by crafting the perfect message on hold script to provide excellent telephone customer service experiences.

Think about the customer service you provide over the telephone. Are you doing everything you can to effectively communicate with your callers in order to provide a superior customer experience and reinforce brand loyalty? A well-planned on-hold message is critical  in helping to create  a positive brand experience for customers that they will want to repeat and share with others.

The bottom line? It’s all about building and maintaining relationships. How about you? Are you doing all you can do to consistently make your customers happy? A lot can change with the mere 5% increase in customer service. Think about it.

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