Make Every Minute Count: Engaging Bank On-Hold Messages

Make Every Minute Count: Engaging Bank On-Hold Messages


Ever been stuck on hold with a bank, listening to endless beeps or elevator music? It’s enough to drive anyone crazy. But what if that hold time could be used productively? That’s where on-hold messaging comes in.

On-hold messaging isn’t just about filling the silence. It’s a powerful marketing tool banks can leverage to improve customer experience, boost sales, and even educate their clientele. Here’s how:

  • Reduce Frustration, Increase Satisfaction: Let’s face it, waiting on hold is frustrating. On-hold messaging keeps callers engaged, making the wait feel shorter. This can lead to higher customer satisfaction and a more positive overall experience.
  • Inform and Educate: Use on-hold messaging to share valuable information about your bank‘s services, like new loan options, mobile banking features, or upcoming financial workshops. This empowers customers and positions your bank as a helpful resource.
  • Promote Additional Products: Do you offer competitive investment plans or wealth management services? On-hold messaging is a subtle yet effective way to promote these offerings to existing customers who might be interested.
  • Cross-Sell and Upsell: While a customer waits for their specific inquiry, on-hold messaging can highlight services relevant to their current situation. For example, someone calling about a checking account might be interested in learning about online bill pay.
  • Build Brand Identity: On-hold messaging is a great platform to showcase your bank‘s brand personality and values. Use professional voice-overs, upbeat music, and messaging that reflects your commitment to customer service and financial well-being.
  • Increase Efficiency: On-hold messaging can even help streamline operations. Use it to direct callers to the appropriate department or online resources, potentially reducing call wait times and freeing up your staff for more complex inquiries.




Crafting the Perfect On-Hold Message

  • Keep it short and sweet. Aim for messages under 30 seconds to avoid overwhelming callers.
  • Offer valuable information. Focus on content that educates, entertains, or addresses common customer needs.
  • Maintain a professional tone. Use clear, concise language that reflects your bank‘s brand.
  • Update regularly. Keep your messaging fresh and relevant to reflect current promotions or services.

Wrap Up: On-hold messaging is a simple yet powerful tool that can yield significant benefits for banks. By implementing a well-crafted on-hold program, you can transform those wait times into opportunities to engage, inform, and delight your customers. Hear for yourself! Start your risk free custom on hold demo today!

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