Make Every Cent Count With On Hold Messages

Make Every Cent Count With On Hold Messages

There’s an old saying “time is money”, and it’s not just a cliché — these are truly two very precious commodities, especially when it comes to business.  How can you turn time into money, or how can you prevent wasting time which can cost you money? By taking advantage of missed advertising opportunities that happen every day, and you can certainly make the most out of your advertising budget if you know where to find resources and how to maximize them.  One of the most recommended ways to market your products and services today is through on hold messages.

Due to the huge volume of calls coming, it’s inevitable to put callers on hold. A Report from AT&T even states that 70% of callers need to be placed on hold. Unfortunately, some businesses still use silence on hold which somehow offend callers and makes them hang-up. Worse is that these businesses don’t do anything about it, or even if they do, they have a cheesy, unrealistic on hold message that make the customers even angrier.

Many studies have proved that a professionally crafted on hold message keep callers on the line, and sales can definitely boost when you add a few short, marketing messages that will keep them informed about what your brand is all about and what it can do.

Marketing guru, Jay Conrad Levinson even approves the use of on hold messaging to keep your callers entertained while waiting for you on the other line.  Levison says that your customers can highly benefit from your on hold marketing especially when you provide news and entertaining music. In addition, callers also appreciate the info about special offers as well as new products and services.

If you’re having doubts with the capabilities of on hold messages, then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to advertise and services. Yes, customers hang-up especially when they’re put on hold long enough, and if the message is boring and irrelevant. However, with an entertaining and informative message on hold keeping customers company, callers will most likely stay on the line.

To make the most out of your on hold marketing, think about how many times you need to update or change it. This will also keep the callers informed. Also by doing this, you will prevent the incident where callers hear the same message over and over again, especially if the offer you have provided in your message on hold comes from two seasons ago.

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