Looking to Increase Your HVAC Leads with Video Marketing?

Looking to Increase Your HVAC Leads with Video Marketing?

Increase Your HVAC Leads with Video Marketing!


HVAC Contractors desiring to grow their businesses are always on the lookout for smart ways to generate interest in their products and services (Right?). In order to achieve this goal, it’s become quite evident that most HVAC companies must “re-think” their internet marketing strategies, especially when it comes to implementing a successful video marketing strategy.

Why HVAC Companies Must Re-Think Video Marketing!

Are you having trouble figuring out where to start with an online video marketing strategy for your HVAC business? We’re living in something of a “golden age” for video online. Google knows it, Facebook knows it and your HVAC company needs to be a part of it.

The internet video trend is here to stay and if you’re a bit behind the curve on this essential marketing opportunity. If you’re having difficulty on how to begin with a video marketing strategy, below we’ll give you a few ideas to help get you started.

We’ve produced all kinds of videos for our contractor clients over the years. Due to our depth of knowledge and experience, we’ll cover three types of videos that we recommend to get your HVAC video marketing strategy rolling. The goal is the create videos that will speak to your customers, build their trust and increase your leads.


1. Tell Your Customers’ Stories

The first type of video we’ll review is basically HVAC video 101: tell the story of your customers and their homes. A mistake that some contractors make is constantly talking about themselves and the boxes they install, while their focus should be the families and homes that they make comfortable. Customers want to be able to see themselves in the stories you tell.


2. Educate and Illuminate

Our next video topic gives you and your HVAC family a chance to shine while providing value to your existing and potential customers.

For years, marketers have understood the importance of creating educational content for their blogs. Not only does it increase website traffic and the quality of your leads, but it also builds trust in your business; all of which can be increased further using video.

For these videos, let the inspiration come from your own customers. Start by creating videos that answer the questions you and your technicians receive the most. These types of videos are great for sharing on social sites. Also, some are ideal for e-mail marketing campaigns meant to delight your current customers. Otherwise, make sure to include these on your website’s learning library to draw those curiosity seekers.


3. Strategic Uses of Video for Your Website

In a perfect world, you’d improve your website’s visit-to-lead conversion rate – make it as high as possible – and then invest in getting new people to your site. After all, what sense does it make to send visitors to a website that can’t “close the deal”?  So, for this reason you must have video throughout your website visitor’s experience, which offers a deeper way to connect with your website visitors.

If you’re just getting your feet wet in the video for your website, a great place to start is to add video to any landing page where you want increased conversions. Got a page with a form to request an air conditioner tune-up or download a brochure? Add a video of one of your techs explaining what goes into yearly air conditioner maintenance or why they should learn more about your product.


4. Using Social Video

Just like money, numbers talk. That’s why contractors are taking their social media and SEO tactics to new heights with their digital marketing.

The first step to navigating the social media world is to determine where you want to focus your efforts and, more importantly, where your target audience is active.

Social media (especially video) allows for engagement with a brand’s community—gone are the days of one-way communications from the marketer to the consumer. Social media engagement can lead to a variety of valuable actions including:

  • Word of mouth referrals
  • Brand loyalty
  • Website traffic
  • Lead conversions
  • Sales conversions
  • More business for your company
  • And more!

If photos speak a thousand words, then social videos are priceless.


Final Thoughts

If you want more leads and jobs from the web, you need to focus on two variables:

  1. Traffic (web visits)
  2. Visit-to-Lead Conversion Rate (closing the deal)

Both of these goals can be achieved with a successful video marketing strategy for your HVAC company. With that said, not just any video will do, especially a homemade video.

If you’re in the HVAC or other service business, it can be difficult to catch your customers’ eye. For this reason, if you’re considering boosting leads with video, we highly recommend to seek an experienced and  reputable video marketing agency.

 Still not sure how to get started? Contact Original Video Productions  for a “free”, no-oblogation video marketing discovery session.

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