Live Up To Your Message On Hold’s Promise

Live Up To Your Message On Hold’s Promise

Have you ever called an establishment where you have to listen to their seemingly unrealistic on hold message? Well, I have, and until now I’m not sure whether I’d find it funny or annoying. But, here’s what happened. You decide, okay?

As I was waiting for the customer service representative to pick-up the line, I was placed on a pleasant on hold experience – I was listening to some pretty relevant information about the company, talking about their latest offers and innovations with their products. They also encourage customers to leave comments about their company especially on how they can improve on their services – all that  while being entertained by a totally apt background music. If it were my first time to listen to their on hold message, I’d be delighted!

However, that’s not the case. I’ve been a customer of this company for a long time, and they just don’t know squat about proper customer handling, even catering to customer needs and suggestions. Now, don’t ask why I’ve never switched to their competitors because I’m actually thinking it right now. Anyway, when the customer service agent finally took my call, I asked them why the on hold message they play doesn’t live to the realistic expectations of their customers.

Apparently, the agent told me that it’s the owner’s idea thinking that they could win over clients with that professionally and creatively crafted on hold message. Pretty clever, huh? Of course they’d attract customers, their on hold message was great! However, the fact that they don’t practice what they preach will lose them their customers later on.

After reading above, you might be thinking that your company is safe because you use radio for your company’s on hold  system. I hate to break it to you, but you’re in a more dangerous position than the company I was talking about earlier. I’ve also experienced calling some establishment, and after waiting on hold for some good news, I heard a radio ad about another business catering the same products and services like they do. When the other business’ telephone number was mentioned, I hung-up and called the number right away. To my surprise, they were much better and I got an appointment in an instant. Today, they’re one of the businesses I call whenever I face technical problems.

What I truly want you to understand is that whatever information your say in your on hold message, you should stay true to them, and deliver the same quality service just like what you promised in your message on hold. Many companies today do otherwise, and it definitely saddens me that they don’t care whether they are keeping customers happy or not. Newsflash: On hold message is not just about you, it’s about your customers as well.

Remember that your on hold marketing is your branding image, and no matter how relevant and important the information you impart to your callers, if you don’t live up to your messages, all the efforts would simply go to waste.

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