Lawyer On Hold Messages Do Your Law Firm Justice!

Lawyer On Hold Messages Do Your Law Firm Justice!


For most lawyers, practicing law is their highest priority and not marketing! Let’s face it, lawyers aren’t trained to be marketers, they’re trained to be lawyers! This presents a huge challenge, as most law firms operate under the false hope that their momentum will attract new business long into the future. This may be true if your firm is well-known for winning huge settlements, getting major convictions or achieving client acquittals, but if not, then you need to figure out ways to separate yourself and attract new business to grow your firm.

Maintaining an effective on-hold marketing program is the most important investments you can make! As an attorney, you understand the importance of information. When your callers are on hold, as potential clients they are conducting their own “discovery” process, gathering information about your firm and your capability for handling their legal needs.




When consumers need an attorney, they typically begin that process by asking family and friends for references, or they begin an online search. Either scenario then leads to prospective new clients calling your firm for an initial consultation. Anyone who has ever needed to hire an attorney knows, calling into a law firm, means you’re going to have some on hold waiting time. This presents the perfect opportunity to use on hold messaging to not only create a positive fist impression, but also educate prospective clients on the many different areas of practice your law firm handles. An on-hold marketing program brings about interactions between you and your prospects, over the telephone and is a critical step in the marketing process. It’s a tool that attorney’s overlook.

Top items to include on your law firms custom on hold messages to win over prospective new clients are:

– favorable judgments won for clients
– attorney’s experience, qualifications and affiliations
– details on areas of practice you specialize in
– reassurance that callers have not been forgotten on-hold
– your attitude of care and determination to get the best results for clients
– your strong preparation for each case, and much more.

The legal arena is no different than any other industry, it’s over saturated with competition, so you need to figure out ways to attract new business and expand on services already offered to existing clients. While some law firms may specialize in a particular area of law, most are capable of a wide variety of practice areas such as; personal injury, workers comp, corporate or consumer law, real estate law, wills & trusts, divorce, etc., The attitude conveyed in your legal office messages on-hold will enhance your professional, caring image. Combine that with vital information on your reputation and your record and you’ll build a solid case for your firm’s competence and trustworthiness, assuring callers that search for the right attorney is over!

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