Killer On hold Marketing Script Copy, or Script Copy That Could Kill You?

Killer On hold Marketing Script Copy, or Script Copy That Could Kill You?

You’ve heard the expression the devil is in the details. We’ll the details are in the script copy! Do you want your message on hold to reflect your brand, your marketing style and your needs? Or, do you want to just sound like everyone else?

Google the term music on hold and message services and you’ll find a staggering 70,500,000 results. You might be thinking well heck it’s just music on hold, what’s the big deal, they’re all probably the same.  The fact of the matter is, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Here’s some pure straight out facts about on hold marketing.

Fact: 88% of callers prefer listening to professional, custom on hold recordings compared to listening to silence or some run-of-the-mill radio station on hold.

Fact:  It’s been reported that many businesses see an increase in sales by as much as 20% or more for their offerings mentioned on hold.

Fact:  Callers are willing to wait three times longer, than when forced to listen to canned music, radio or dead air.

These are all impressive facts. I’m sure you would agree. So now that all of this makes complete marketing sense, you just hop on the internet, select an on hold provider and you’re off to the races right. Wrong!

Many On-hold providers use template or boiler-plate script copy and simply insert your name, and generic “your call us important to us” type messaging. It’s the same plain vanilla cake you can get anywhere!  While that might be fine for some to fill that void of dead-space on hold, savvy marketers know that type of message doesn’t provide any real benefit or value for your callers, or your bottom line! Do you really think lazy statements like telling your caller their important, or that your appreciate their patience, and then asking them to wait longer than they want in the first place? I mean is that really the best message you should be giving when you have an uninterrupted opportunity to bend their ear?

With the volume of customers and prospective ones calling your company in a day, you need to ensure that your  on hold script is at its best. The steep competition in the industry today calls for a more strategic marketing style, and sound branding is becoming more important as ever.

The message-on-hold script copy is the most vital component in your marketing? Customers are the reason why companies progress because logically, customers make businesses thrive. As such, they’re looking for someone who can give them the assistance they need. After all, one of the main reasons why they’re calling you is because they need something from you, so they’re initial reaction upon hearing your on hold message is, “How can you help me?”

That said, your message should be geared towards offering assistance like, “Do you need to repair your leaking toilet in the middle of the night?” or “Are you having troubles with your printer but can’t find a decent repair shop?” These prompts will signal the readers that you know exactly what they need and that you have answers to their problems. Now sprinkle in some adverts about special offers or other goodies that resonate with your callers, and you may be pleasantly surprised to find an increase in inquiries about your on hold offers being mentioned.

Now above all, and any sales or marketing professional knows that “you’ve got to close the deal”. So, with that being said, your music on hold script needs to include a good call- to- action to help close more deals. So peak your caller’s interest, and compel them to take action! Your message should include such deal breakers such as: limited quantities available, for the first  _______ (fill in the blank) customers only, or what about up-selling like this month only buy 2 get a 3rd free,  or many business can also promote special holiday offers and seasonal products or services.

Like any good marketing, you need a smart and effective  strategy, and of course captivating ad copy to get the most out of using a professional on hold system at your business. See, for most on hold providers, the message script is simply filled with how the business is the “best” in the industry, or how you offer the “finest” quality products, etc.  While everyone knows how amazing your company is, that’s pretty ho-hum if you ask us here at The Original On hold, Inc.

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