It’s Time to “Summer-ize” Your Marketing Strategy!

It’s Time to “Summer-ize” Your Marketing Strategy!

The temperature has been rising, and summer has made its official debut. While this leaves most of us fantasizing about lying by the pool and sipping fruity drinks with umbrellas, most business owners have come to a proverbial fork in the road.  Pull back on your marketing during the dog days of summer, or strategize for ways to attract customers and increase sales during this notoriously slow time of the year?

Clients are often harder to reach and less likely to focus on getting projects done, and time becomes even more at a premium – kids are home, summer hours go into effect, people go on vacations (or at least their brains go on vacation). So, if summer is your slow season, how are you changing your marketing strategy to appeal to the masses?  What could you do better/more of/change? Don’t let the marketing momentum you’ve been building up all year fizzle out over the summer. Additionally, if you keep your brand in the minds of prospects and customers, you’re also more likely to hit the ground running come September.

While summer can be a boom time if you’re selling ice cream or pool cleaning services, it can be a slow season for many businesses. However, as Entrepreneur and marketer Seth Godwin once commented, “change almost never fails because it’s too early. It almost always fails because it’s too late.” … Well it’s time to strategize, plan and change your message on hold marketing content during the next few months – before it’s too late!

Don’t think breaking through the summer sales lull is too big a mountain to climb?Summer doesn’t have to mean lower revenues! Good summer strategies can energize your marketing and catapult your business into a busy season. We’ll identify important topics such as “Must Attend Events.”  Summer is often a time that businesses will host special events or projects. So, if you’re throwing an event that should be included in your message on hold to gain additional exposure.  We’ll also plan out messages around any big sales such as Fourth of July, Labor Day and “back-to-school” time, and help give callers the extra bit of incentive needed to convert.  We all know summer goes by way too fast, and that’s why we’ll also take a look at winding things down if you plan an “End of Summer Clearance” to help boost sales and clean out some inventory.

This is just a short list of marketing opportunities that some businesses may be able to use during summer months. If you’re stuck for ideas, don’t worry! Contact The Original On hold, and our copywriters will review your marketing goals during the next few months, hone in those objectives, and craft on hold script copy samples with information that is relevant to your customers, showcases your summer specials,  and keep messages engaging by mixing it up with summer fashion tips, recipes, or pet care in the heat.


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