Is Your On hold Message Speaking the Right Language?

Is Your On hold Message Speaking the Right Language?

Sometimes you have no choice but to put a customer on hold; now this is a great opportunity for your company to provide information which can result to doing business with your customers. But in many ways, the phone limits you from delivering the message since the customers cannot see you and read your body language or facial expression, so you have to go with words when delivering the message. Given that this is your only option, your message on hold script have to be carefully crafted.

Here are a few tips for the right on hold language:

1. Show your callers that you value their time

Instead making them listen to ‘Your call is important to us, please wait while I connect you a customer service” over and over again, why not be responsive to their needs. Promote your latest offerings with an enticing message. Do not reinforce the aspect of being on-hold and make it a positive experience for them, that way you are able to provide your customers with information to grab their interest.

2. Focus on the interests and needs of your callers; veer away from the generic 

Give information that will help your customers see how your products can be beneficial to them. Instead of saying, “We offer a full range of products to meet your needs”… Really?! What service? And where’s the benefit? It’s better to be specific. That’s why we’ll craft something like this instead.  “Our heavy duty dishwashers clean even the dirtiest dishes and it’s whisper quiet.”

The product is clearly dishwashers and the benefit?  They’ll clean everything, and without all the clunking and banging of standard dishwashers.

Your only have a few precious moments to create a positive impact with your callers on hold. So, we make sure every one of them counts.

3. Make your messages simple 

Use common terms that are easier to understand. Do not use technical terms or industry jargon.  Keep it concise. Since you do not have that much time to explain everything, use sentences that can give your callers a clear idea on what you’re talking about. The more they understand your product, the more they will be interested and likely to purchase.

On-hold messages do not have to be boring and complicated. Make it simple and entertaining. Make it seem like you’re talking directly to that person. Reduce caller hang-ups by using creating effective messages.



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