Is Your On hold Message Script Copy Delivering Brand Value to Callers?

Is Your On hold Message Script Copy Delivering Brand Value to Callers?


There’s a number of things to consider when determining how to have a great on-hold marketing strategy.  Broad-brush issues like enhancing the brand, stressing business value and being timely in everything should be seriously discussed.

But when it comes to making a customized on-hold message for your business, it is important to focus on the finer details first.

The following are some tips to guide you through crafting an on-hold message that actually works!

Inform them about your newest and hottest products.  Callers nowadays do some research first before they call. They know about the latest trends and the hottest items in the market. Prove that your company is up to date by updating your on-hold message script to include your latest technology, newest top-of-the-line products and recently added services.

Tell your callers something they might not be aware of. That short window of waiting time when your callers are on hold is the perfect time to educate them about your business. Maximize your callers’ on-hold time by telling them about your expertise, highlighting on the benefits that your products and services can offer them.

Answer those ‘Frequently Asked Questions’. One way of providing great service to your customers and potential clients is by having a clear idea of what they might need, so incorporating answers to those frequently asked questions (FAQs) on your on-hold message will tell your callers that you understand their needs and that you’re a good and reliable company.

The Creative Team at The Original On Hold Inc has extensive experience in providing clients creative and strategic ways to strengthen and enhance company brands. If you want to have an effective on-hold marketing strategy that’s right for your business, and delivers value to prospects and customers, then contact us now!

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