Is Your On hold Message As Fresh as Day Old Bread

Is Your On hold Message As Fresh as Day Old Bread

Let’s take a trip in our way back time machine shall we… Either on your own, or with the help of an associate, you woke up one-day and realized, “Hey, my business could probably benefit from a message on hold.”

Now kudos to you that you’ve had this ah-ha moment, but do really remember why you made the decision to invest in an on hold message in the first place? We’ll help you out a bit here. While there’s literally hundreds of good reason to have a professional on hold system, more than likely you realized that you may be losing callers! You’ve also realized that these lost callers result in lost potential revenues and sales opportunities.

You probably also realized this a fantastic opportunity to enhance your brand image?… Maybe one of your callers enlightened you to the fact that they just listened to a competitor’s radio ad while listening to the radio for your music on hold  audio….Or maybe, just maybe, the lights bells and whistles went off that hey, this could really be a real tremendous marketing opportunity to capitalize on a captive, interested audience?

Well, no matter your reason, (and there’s plenty of them!) for implementing an on hold message, this was an important first step controlling your brand’s on hold destiny. However, have you gone astray since having that ah-ha moment? Lots of people make a crucial mistake once they implement on hold messaging at their business. What’s this critical mistake? Letting the message content become boring, stale and out-dated! Let’s face it, nobody likes day old bread.

How often do you update your on hold message script? Do you come up with some news whenever the season changes or you just let your messages stay there until the new products come up? If you’re guilty of doing such, then you have to do something about it.

We at The Original On Hold, Inc. believe that updating your messages are important to keep your customers in the know in everything that you do – from accomplishments to launching of new products.  While on hold message updates vary depending on the company, we still believe it’s better if you in-line your updates with the season.

For instance, summer is over, and the kids are back to school. While it might not feel this way fall is on the way, and in a snap, shortly thereafter the holidays will be upon us.  How are you gearing up to take advantage of your autumn advertising? What about the winter/Christmas season? I’m pretty sure you’re open for business every season, and not just one! Shouldn’t your marketing be open for business too?

With some commitment, creativity and persuasion, your on hold messages can be hot and fresh. Don’t stick with your good ole’ on hold message when you can change content and come up with something that will be relevant, timely and more enticing just like the smell of fresh baked bread!

Creative juices not flowing? Don’t worry, You can ask for help from one of our expert on hold message script copywriters to come up with some fresh message on hold copy guaranteed to return delicious results.



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