Is Your On Hold Message Anti-Social?

Is Your On Hold Message Anti-Social?


Ok, so unless you live under a rock you’ve certainly notice quite a shift in just the past few years to a mobile environment. Your prospects and customers are more mobile than ever, and they’re doing more searches from their phone or tablet than their pc. Many websites even have a click-to-call feature. What’s the common theme in all of this? Even once they have searched, or clicked, they’re still reaching you by telephone.

We have all heard of on hold marketing “must haves.” Among the things that messages on hold must possess is quality voice, music, general information, testimonials, FAQs, special offers, etc. But, with the high notoriety of social media, it is almost impossible not to include it in your on hold message content.

The fact of the matter is that advertising nowadays is practically incomplete without social media.  Just like on hold marketing, it stirs interest and creates connection between clients and companies.

Just as businesses include their website address in their on hold message to drive on-line traffic, if you promote your social sites in your message-on-hold, then you can help in getting more fans, followers or viewers.

Callers are placed on hold for more or less than a minute. Hence, what they hear about you during that short period is crucial for your business, so you have to take that opportunity to present them with targeted information about the products and services you can offer, but this is also the perfect opportunity to tell them how they can join or follow your social media channels such as facebook, twitter, instagram, pintrest, youtube, etc. This not only grows your fan base, but allows conversations to continue long after the initial call.

On hold messaging has proven to be effective tools in marketing and information sharing, and they are famous for building good rapport to callers especially when on hold messaging is crafted professionally. Now, when you inform your customers about your social media accounts and relations, it will make you available to clients anytime and anywhere, making your relationship to them more personal.

Aside from that, you can also continuously keep customers updated to the latest news about you. They also help clients get to know you and your products and services better especially if you are doing a great job in developing your page or account.

So don’t let your message on-hold recording be anti-social, and start getting social with your messages.  . Start inviting your callers to check out your social media accounts. Utilize their undivided attention as they wait for somebody to get back to them.  With even just a few seconds of marketing time, you can easily help energize your social marketing efforts.

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