Is Your Music On Hold Message Beginning To Sound A lot Like Christmas?

Is Your Music On Hold Message Beginning To Sound A lot Like Christmas?

Before the hustle and bustle of the holiday season rapidly approaches, now is the perfect time prepare your holiday on-hold message, so you’ll enjoy a sleigh full of success.

Season’s greetings and holiday music are the perfect backdrop to your messages on-hold to strengthen relationships with existing customers, and help foster relationships with new ones.

It’s impressive when your callers discover holiday music and greetings, which shows them you care enough to play something relevant. Not to mention taking a moment during this hectic time to remind them that you appreciate and value their business, and wish them the very best during this special time of year. Think of it as your Holiday greeting card but on-hold!

 Here’s a few ideas you can also include in your holiday messages on hold content.

Special Holiday Offers:

Mention an exclusive holiday promo code callers can use online or over the phone, or run a special on a particularly hot item. Either way, it doesn’t matter whether caller shave been naughty or nice, as you’ll enjoy the extra profits.

Save Them Time and Make It Easy:

The holiday cause people to be in a frenzy, as it’s a busy time, so if you can remind a customer about your services while they’re on on-hold, or special gift certificate offers and remind them that your company could help them cross something off their holiday to-do list. Not only are you helping them by saving them time, but you’ve also prevented them from looking somewhere else.

Community Events/Charities:

If your company pairs with any local charities, charitable events or community events during the holidays, then mention in your on hold program. It’s a great way to let customers know that you’re involved in the good of others in the local community, and also helps invites others to become involved. People like to business with those that support the local community. It also provides a unique networking opportunity, while at the same time helping to make a difference.

You decorate your business or storefront during the holidays, so why not decorate your music on hold? Remember, your phone systems doubles as your storefront. It’s always a good business practice to wish your customers a happy holiday, no matter which one.

It’s best to plan your holiday message on hold music early. Need a little help? Beat the holiday rush, give your Original On Hold professional a call and within a few days we’ll prepare a custom holiday message on hold script.

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