Is Your Message On hold Marketing Script Back to School Ready?

Is Your Message On hold Marketing Script Back to School Ready?

It’s hard to believe that in just a few short weeks the weekend Bar-B-Que’s and beach outings will be over. That’s right, as it usually does, summer has flown by once again, so it’s time to put the beach ball away, and you’re marketing thinking cap on! It’s time for “Back-to-School” season. Did you know that “back-to-school” season is the second biggest shopping period of the year? That’s right, Back-to-school and back-to-college spending accounts for more than $84 billion in sales.

The back-to-school shopping season offers a shopping window of about 12 weeks to consumers and businesses, and it’s time to make sure your on hold message content is up to snuff, as there’s no shortage of competition out there when it comes to back-to-school promotions. As parents gather their ever-expanding shopping lists and kids look forward to updating their wardrobes for the approaching session, this is a perfect opportunity for marketers to catch the attention of both generations with a successful on hold marketing campaign.

Don’t forget, back-to-school isn’t just for youngsters, it’s also back-to-college, presenting another audience to whom you may be able to target. So whether it’s backpacks or bedding, clothing or computers, there are numerous opportunities for specials and other marketing initiatives surrounding this time of year.

To capture your fair share of the back-to-school market you’ll need to develop offers and promotions that are both enticing and relevant. Even if your products or services have no obvious back to school tie-in you can still create one. Here are a few message on hold script ideas to help you take advantage of the back-to-school season.

For instance, an accounting firm can put a back-to-school spin on some promotions, such as: “Is your small business’ math not up to speed? Don’t worry, you don’t need a tutor; instead contact the  Smith Accounting Firm and get A’s on your next financials.”

Stretch your brain and forge the back to school connection such as in these marketing ideas:

1) Whether selling services or product, a nutrition-related business might offer information on preparing healthy school lunches or even a workshop.

2) A business selling cleaning products might back to school market its products as great for cleaning dorm rooms and sell a special “studentpak” of products.

3) A watch repair business might run a “be on time for school” special.

Marketers focus on where people put their attention, and right now, for families, returning to school is getting that attention. It’s important to be smart with your marketing efforts, and The Original On hold Inc. will craft ear-catching copy, so that you don’t get lost in the shuffle.


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