Is Your In-Store Music Playlist Ready For Summer?

Is Your In-Store Music Playlist Ready For Summer?

Is Your In Store Business Music Plyalist Ready For Summer?


Now that Memorial Day is far behind us, the graduations are over and Father’s Day has come and gone and that can only mean one thing – summer time has officially begun! It’s time to make sure your in-store music strategy is ready for the months ahead. If you haven’t done so already, then get a move on.

Here, we look at 3 benefits of introducing a new in-store music playlist to your customers just in time for the summer.


1. Change In Season. Change In Mood.

For most folks, this time of year also means vacations, and in turn, if you own or manage a hotel, restaurant, spa or  resort foot traffic is likely to increase. There’s a whole lot of psychology that goes into making people happy, and as happy people stay out longer, spend more, and associate their happiness with positive experiences. Changing your in-store music will set the shopping tone, and create the right mood this summer, and ensure that you to have as many smiles as possible traveling through your business this summer.


2. Influence Customer Behavior

Shopping and background music both score big according to a Journal Of Business Research article (How In-Store Music and Aroma Influences Shopper Behavior and Satisfaction), playing the right background music is a key ingredient to creating the proper atmosphere. Music has been proven to affect the amount of time customers browse for, as well as the mood they’re in while they’re doing it. If you’re also using audio marketing messages in harmony with your in-store music, there’s countless ways you can influence impulse purchases to increase sales by promoting special offers, sales items, companion products and more.


3. Dictate Customer Pace

Music is versatile, it has the ability to relax or invigorate. Changing your playlist creates a competitive advantage by customizing the atmosphere in their stores. Whether you want your customers to saunter through your shops, increasing dwell time and spend, your in-store music can help achieve these aims while creating a pleasant mood for your customers. It’s all about the tempo, baby!


Whether you’re a new customer looking for information on in-store music for your business, or an existing customer looking to maximize your background playlist, feel free to drop us a line or share your questions on Facebook.


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